Thursday, April 21, 2011

You mean....I have MORE Inglot to share?!

Yes....yes I do :P This was my haul from last week, but I felt like I was posting SO much Inglot, that I took a little break from doing so. This is probably going to be my last haul for a while (hahah, yeah...right!) so I wanted to get these pics/swatches up before I forgot about them!

With this order, I purchased a blush, eyeliners & of course, freedom shadows. The liners were really nice & I look forward to getting more! I'll review them as I post them :)

So, in my previous posts with Inglot & their blushes, my complaint was their glitter content. While the blushes had nice colour...that glitter fall-out was just annoying & has lead me to stop using their blushes. Bummer. But I took a chance & got a blush that wasn't available in the freedom system. HOLY. I love it! This blush comes out PERFECTLY on my gives me that glow-y look that everyone else was able to find with other products that never worked for me! Well, I've found it & I am stocking up big time!

 Full Metal Liner ($12.00) #526. These are similar to the MAC Technakohl liners, but I feel they're much creamier than MAC's. Their colour range is small compared to their other liners, but still nice enough where I want to get a few more. I liked the way these applied, but I felt like I needed a couple swipes to build colour.

 Soft Precision Liner ($9.00) #43. These are most comparable to MAC's eye kohls. I LOVE the colour range they have with these. The liners apply softly & opaquely and are in general, a really nice, basic liner. These are their cheaper liners, but rock with quality!

Okay, Reen....NO MORE PURPLES! Hahah! After I received this order, I re-organized all my palettes, because I am a freak like that. So now everything is in coloured order ;D I am definitely on a mission to own all their freedom shadows & am PRAYING that they open up a store in Chicago.

I'm also super excited to share that the photos I did for Sugarpill Cosmetics are being added to the site! Here's Dollipop! EEEEE, so excited about this! I'm also working on a couple other things for them as well & am seriously just beyond flattered & excited to be a part of their awesome cosmetics!

With that said, the next 100-follower-giveaway will include TWO winners. I was sent some extra goodies from Sugarpill that I want to use as prizes & I think they would fit in perfectly with everything, including a huge review/swatch post! Excited!

Anyways! I will have some looks to post for you soon. Happy Good Friday to everyone & Happy Easter as well :D I don't celebrate holidays, but I hope you all have a great time with your families!


slave2beauty said...

that blush!!! so pretty do you know if it can be a dupe for Pink Cult by Mac? I live matte blushes <3

wow those eyeliners are amazing - creamy enough as a base? you think reen?


ps love you!

wendiboo said...

Saaaaaweeeet! I have to get my hands on some Inglot!

Reen said...

love you, too, amy! i would definitely use them as a base! though i'm not sure if they are waterproof or not, but i'll give 'em a try & see how they go!

the blush is waaaaay lighter than pink cult & not nearly as matte. as soon as i have more time available, i'm going to make a dupe post with shadows, liners & blushes!

@wendiboo; you definitely needs some inglot! it's amazing!

Libby said...

really love the look of the Full Metal Liners....

Cassykins said...

I like your eyeliner numbers. I really just like seeing other peoples' handwriting. Mine is so awful that I can live vicariously through the internet. The fact that it's in makeup makes it better.

Shanna said...

Feel free to post your newly coordinated palettes =P I've just gotten a good chunk of cash from a neighbor for pet sitting for them, so I think I might be placing an Inglot order soon. I already made a small order from Sephora for some skin products but I'm really itching to try this brand out.

And Idk if it's weird or not, but I agree with Cassykins haha, I love seeing other peoples handwriting, and the fact that it's in makeup just makes it 10x better :D

Arezu said...

Is this the last of your Inglot hauls? After seeing all your posts I'm intrigued and thinking about maybe purchasing a few shadows to test out.

Your image for the Sugarpill website, is it just the shadow blended out?

Rakhshanda said...

Woww great haul!! Love the palette and blush <3

dD0lly_ said...

I'm a little confused by the Freedom System on the Inglot website. Do I select a pallat (say 5 sqaure) then just order 5 square shadows and they will fill it?