Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Oh. My goodness. It has been ridiculously too long since my last update. I have been utterly swamped with working, saving money & plans on moving. I've also been quite sick for a while as well which has absolutely sucked. My motivation for makeup seems to have gone out the window these last few weeks, too :( But I wanted to do a quick post to say Hello! and show you what I've been up to!

Just last night, I sat down to practice my Halloween makeup. I have to work that night (booooo!) but I'm hoping I can head out afterwards. If all else fails, I'll just be a cat, hahah :P But I've been wanting to do another Dia De Los Muertos look for a while now (since my last one in 2009!) I decided this time I wanted to do one of the half-looks & tried to stick with a classic pin-up look for one side. I was acutally quite happy with how this turned out, so prepare for way too many pics :P

 Sorry for the boobage! I didn't realize how obvious it was in some photos :P But for this look, I used;

White cream makeup
Ben Nye White eyshadow
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
MAC Smoulder eye kohl
Random red Jordana lip liner
Sugarpill Bulletproof eyeshadow
Sugarpill Tako eyeshadow
Sugarpill Love+ eyeshadow

Other side of my face was;
MAC NC15 ProLongwear foundation
Physicians Formula Matte eyeshadow palette
MAC Brun eyeshadow (in crease & on brows)
MAC Pet Me blush
Ben Nye Marilyn Red lipstick
EyeLure 145 Lashes

A couple other looks, though not much :(

 Tarina Tarantino Starchild Odyssey palette :3

Also, I've been outright OBSESSED with OCC Liptars lately. I only have 8 of them, but definitely want to get a ton more!

I don't remember what the eyes were, but the lips were Anime & Feathered

This was Fyrinnae Sannyo pigment with Anime & Feathered, again :P

 Anime, Ben Nye Sun Yellow pigment & Feathered. Can't you just tell how much I love Anime & Feathered? :P

I'm hoping with the release of holiday makeup goodies that I will have a lot more inspiration. I've been so low-key with makeup, even though I still buy a lot of it. I just got a few Sleek palette the other day & definitely want to show off how awesome those are. Any inspiration photos or requests will gladly be accepted :P

I hope you are all very well! I didn't mean to take this long of a break and am hoping to hop back into more looks, swatches & contests soon <3.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Vacation was awesome FOTD ;D

Helloooooo! I've been on vacation since last Thursday (it was AWESOME!) and I figured I would post the whole one look I did the entire time ;P

I really don't remember exactly what I used because I just kept grabbing stuff and plopping it on ;P But I really liked it and definitely want to re-create it for a future tutorial :3

Friday, August 12, 2011

Showcase: OPI & Serena Williams Glam Slam

I picked up a new OPI & Serena Williams Glam Slam set today & decided to swatch what I have for the blog :) 

Spark de Triomphe & White Shatter

Your Royal Shine-Ness & Servin' Up Sparkle (OMGGG the BEST!)

Grape...Set...Match & Servin' Up Sparkle

Pros & Bronze & Love Is A Racket

These each retail for $14.95 and I believe are only available in Ulta stores! I know there are two others, which I plan on eBaying ;)

I also stumbled upon the Pair Em & Scare Em Halloween set! It includes Zom-Body To Love (glow in the dark green) and a Black Shatter for $14.95

It does actually glow in the dark, too! Pretty nifty :D