Monday, January 31, 2011

Kingdom Hearts FOTD pt. 2

I'm not sure I announced anything about this, but I am putting together a video game inspired makeup series. Some of you may know that I absolutely love video games; aside from work, it consumes nearly all my time :D This series won't necessarily by my attempt to look like a certain character, but rather the colour schemes of the game case, game characters & the game in general.

Since I liked my other Kingdom Hearts look so much, I decided to do another one. This time, I've based the colours on the new title for DS, KH Re:Coded. The shape I used for this was inspired by the lettering on the case, bold, open & flowy-like text. I don't do this look often & cutting the crease is still something I'm working on. I would love to hear your thoughts, tips & ideas! Anyway, here's the look:

What I used:
NYX White eyeshadow base on the entire lid, crease & brow
Ben Nye Sun Yellow lumiere creme colour on the middle of the lid
Sugarpill Tako eyeshadow on inner & outer corners and to highlight
Sugarpill Goldilux loose shadow on the middle of the lid, applied wet
MAC Smoulder eye kohl to cut the crease & on lower lash line
Sugarpill Bulletproof eyeshadow on crease & lower lash line
MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow above crease & pulled into the highlight

The next wave of looks for this series will be from Final Fantasy! I'll also take requests for this, too.
Now....back to gaming 8D


Chocola said...

Very cool!^^

GamerGrl said...

I Love this, I also LOVE LOVE LOVE gaming, I'm more of a COD and little big planet girl ;D You should Diff. do some Little big planet, it's so colorful, I know you would have fun doing it :D

vaneza said...

gorgeous look, i love it.

Reen said...

thank you! c:

COD i never really got in to. same with LBP, but i've always wanted to try it. i've got quite a few more looks in mind but they're either final fantasy or super mario :P oh, and a tetris one, too ;D thanks for the suggestion, i will take a look at some in-game images and see if i can pull something together!

Shadowy Lady said...

this is awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

MissRivett said...

I absolutely love this look, and I finally finished that game too (irritating as hell but still)! The look actually reminds me more of the Master Form from KH2. The Kingdom Hearts series is one of my favorites regardless xD

Arezu said...

This is really pretty! I love how you cut the crease actually, it's very crisp. I tried a cut crease today and it's not as defined as yours.

Shanna said...

Nothing better than makeup + video games :D I love this just as much as the first Kingdom Hearts look and am super excited for the Final Fantasy looks :D

Do you play any LoZ? I'd looove to see any look based on any of the characters from that series.

murflegirl said...

Ok, the makeup doesn't matter here, how is the game? I've been thinking of buying it!! :)

makeup is AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

I love this especially the non cheesiness of it all. But I'm a huge KH fan to begin with as well <3.

Reen said...

the game, i will admit, is an eensy bit annoying. however, it plays much better than 358/ much as i love roxas, i like re:c muuuuch better!

i actually wanted to branch out & do wisdom form as well, but i think i may have spent too much time on KH & am kinda forcing myself into other games (for the time being, KH pretty much pwns my soul)

Vandaleyez Makeup said...

I love these kind of looks and you do it beautifully! And KH rocks!


♠Rachel said...

Yayyyy! I can't wait for the series. My best friend plays Melee professionally, so he'll enjoy it too!