Saturday, January 29, 2011

My first giveaway!

As I start to receive more fans & followers (THANK YOU<3!!) I've come to the conclusion that a giveaway is in store :)

Look at these goodies for you all! :D

For every 100 followers I receive to the blog, I will be giving away one of these items at random. I have plenty more to add to this, including the Naked palette & a complete set of Sugarpill loose eyeshadow samples.

All you have to do is subscribe!

Thank you everyone! I look forward to giving these away :)

ETA: What's up for grabs?

BNIB Too Faced Shadow Insurance
BNIB Too Faced Lash Injection mascara
BNIB Too Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint mascara
BNIB Benefit Bad Gal Lash x2 (sample size)
BNIB MAC Viva Glam Gaga lipstick
BNNB MAC Babyspark Dazzleglass
BNIB MAC Talent Pool eyeshadow (One of my personal favourites!)
BNIB MAC Fresh Cut eyeshadow palette (Nordstrom exclusive)
BNIB Graphic Garden eyeshadow palette (Nordstrom exclusive)
BNIB MAC Lucky Tom eyeshadow palette (Hello Kitty)
BNIB Urban Decay Naked palette
BNIB Urban Decay Preen Shadow Box
BN Stila Eye For Colour eyeshadow palette
BN Beauty From the Earth 'My First BFTE' set (Bright Colours)
An entire set of Sugarpill's awesome loose eyeshadows (All 1/2 tsp in clear 3g jars)
BNIP Urban Decay Zero 24/7 liner x2 (sample size)

Plus tons of other samples from my favourite cosmetics companies including Fyrinnae, MAC, Sugarpill, Beauty From the Earth, Urban Decay, Too Faced & moreeeee! :D


April Claire Makeup said...

WOW! That sounds amazing! Hope you get to 100 soon! :) Good luck <3

slave2beauty said...

Oh reen this is so cool!

Reen said...

i just felt like a jerk making this blog & then dropping off the planet :(

i'm going to get my butt in gear. i have so much to post, just gotta set a schedule for myself. i am more motivated than ever :D

slave2beauty said...

Question : Who made the stack of colorful pigments you have pictured on the right? there so pretty.

Reen said...

i guess i shoulda posted what's pictured, huh? :P i'll edit the post now.

but it's a "my first bfte" set from beauty from the earth! one of my top indie brands

murflegirl said...

This looks like a lot of fun stuff!

Anonymous said...


Jessie said...

Holy wow! Lots of stuff! Yay!

smoosh_kissxx said...

Wow that's an awesome giveaway! Roll on 100 followers :) x

femputer said...

Whoa, awesome!

GamerGrl said...

Thats so exciting! Do you have a you tube account?

H.eart said...

Niiiice :)
When it will be ended ?
It will be open world wide ?


Reen said...

i do not have a YT account, but am very much so looking forward to starting video tutorials. i will definitely keep you all updated.

this is indeed worldwide, though tracking will not be provided if the winner is outside of the US.

GamerGrl said...

I do Makeup Vids on my facebook! For my friends, haven't made em public yet tho :D