Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Showcase: Kryolan 18 Bold Colours Palette (V2)

I received this awesome Kryolan palette the day before my vacation, but didn't have time for pictures. Now that I'm back home (& taking a break from Final Fantasy Dissidia 012) I decided to finally get some swatches up! All swatches were patted & swiped over NYX eye pencil in Milk & as usual, the photos are huge!

Kryolan is theater makeup, which means you will get amazing payoff & vibrancy with their products. I am generally a total whore for Ben Nye (fave makeup brand of ALL time) but Kryolan impresses me & I own quite a bit. There are 3 palettes they released like this, the Bold Colours (V2), Soft Colours (V1) & Natural Colours (V3) and I for sure want them all! These eyeshadows weren't super creamy but weren't chalky either. The overall quality of them was fantastic. I looooove the second colour in from the middle row & I can't wait to put this palette to work :D I will say that the brush provided is a little flimsy & while I won't toss it or anything, I probably won't use it for anything key when doing makeup. The compact also has a full mirror which is always beneficial.

I purchased mine off eBay & paid $37.99 with shipping. I see that CameraReadyCosmetics offers these palettes as well, but they are almost always out of stock plus are MUCH more expensive ($49.99 + shipping!) I will probably resort to eBay for the others as well, as the person I got this palette from is an authorized Kryolan reseller. W00t!

I've got much more to post this week so I can catch up! I received a huge Inglot order of 30 new eyeshadows that I am SOOO freaking excited for. I'll have lots of new EOTD's to post as well!

& My vacation was a huge success. We gamed, ate pizza & lazed around. It was just what I needed to keep my sanity ;) I'm planning my next vacation for the end of April & we're going to see Coheed and Cambria (my favourite band ;D!) and probably game & eat more pizza again, hahah. But overall, I am feeling super rejuvenated and happy to have had some time off.

Now it's back to Dissidia! 8D

Thursday, March 24, 2011

2 EOTD's using Inglot!

Throwing this up here really quick as my vacation has officially started! (^o^) I'll be out of town tomorrow morning until Monday night & can't wait to freakin' relax for a change! Here are two EOTD's I did the other night when I received my new Inglot order. They're kinda sloppy...almost half-assed, but I just REALLY wanted to try my new stuff before vacation time!

Ben Nye Chartreuse Lumiere Creme Colour
Inglot #584 on lid
Inglot #59 on crease
Inglot #351 to highlight
Inglot #373 under brows

I already forgot what I used on this one :/ I just kept adding more & more colours, sorry!

Lashes are icky, I know. I did both these looks after a long day of work & was about to shower afterward anyways XD

See you all next week!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Inglot & LOTS of pics!

Hurrah! Earlier today, I received my second Inglot order as well as my back ordered items. Finally! I was so happy to see the FedEx dude pull up my driveway & as soon as I got my goodies, I ran inside to check it all out.

I'll tell you that the feeling of being bummed for waiting so long definitely ceased once I opened my packages up. There was a minor mistake with one of the palettes I ordered (I selected a 4 blush pan & received a 4 eye pan) but I did get a free nail polish to make up for the delay with my back ordered items. I hope they send me a blush pan, because I have nowhere to store those pretties.

Overall, I am really, really loving this makeup! The shadows are superb in their quality, vibrancy & payoff. I've been seriously considering selling off all my MAC & replacing it with Inglot. Haha, we'll see!

Anyways, on to the pics. I left them pretty large so you could see the detail better.

The blushes are SUPER sparkly & do have a lot of fall out, especially when you swipe your brush over the pan. I used #37 today & loved it a lot, though. The glitter didn't transfer to my face much, thankfully. I'm not a huge blush person, but I might check out some of their others eventually.

Sorry this is sooo sloppy! I rushed applying it just so I could take pics :P I promise, my nails are definitely cleaned up now ;) This is the free polish they sent me, #940. I'm liking this colour a lot, though, upon first application it was quite streaky. But a second coat brought up the opacity & I left it at that. I'm a nail polish fiend & will for sure check these out, too!

Ooooooo, I am a sucker for greens, if you couldn't tell by now! I really wanted to get some of these pics in natural daylight, but I ran out of time earlier. Either way, they rule & are worth every penny :D

So, since I am a total makeup psycho, I went ahead and ordered 30 more shadows :X The best part, was that it only cost $145 (Free shipping, 20 palette for $5 & 10 palette for $5) which to me, is a seriously good deal! I did want to get some of their pigments, but am working out some details with a few other girlies to split the jars. I think my next order will be everything BUT freedom eyeshadows :P

So happy with these products. My only complaint of sorts, is that it is difficult to get the shadows out of the palette. I've been using the magnets on the lid, running it over the edges of the pan & lifting the shadow out to remove them. Kind of a pain, but at least they're not stuck forever, hahah.

Hope this was helpful & maybe even convincing ;D I did two looks tonight that I will hopefully post before my vacations starts on Thursday!

Friday, March 18, 2011

NOTW + couple things

Actually, these are my nails from a couple days ago XD I changed them to green for St. Patricks Day, & will change them again tomorrow. But, I finally got my hands (derp!) on some of that highly coveted crackle polish! I found these on a couple sales online & was so happy to finally try them out! I had actually ordered a crackle polish on eBay, but it never showed up & F if that OPI one will ever come back into stock. So I got the China Glaze versions, which I'm totally okay with, because I prefer China Glaze to OPI anyways :D

China Glaze Mega Bite & China Glaze Black Mesh crackle!

Has anyone NOT received their Inglot Cosmetics order? I am just...kinda pissed right now, hahah. I placed my first order & was happy that it was processed & shipped so fast. I was little bum that some items were on backorder, but I was happy to wait. Well, thinking that since I had such a rad first experience, I placed a second order sooner than I told myself I would. This was on the 12th, almost a week ago & still, nothing :( 

I'm sure they got smashed with tons of orders when they opened their US website, but in my opinion, they should have been prepared. Backorders are one thing, but when I pay for 2nd day service, I expect the company to process my order quickly, so that spending $16 in a service is justified.

So, I have no new order, no back ordered items. I was emailed on the 12th, saying my back ordered items were being shipped....which is what made me want to place a second order, in which I did. I was told those back ordered items would also be shipped out 2nd day, but it's been longer than that & I'm just getting super frustrated. I love this company already & I think their products are really, really great. LE SIGH. Maybe it's because their products are awesome that I am just so anxious to get my stuff. Plus, I spent a lot of money there & am just sorta stingy about buying things that I don't have. Meh, I guess I need to relax :P

I'm going on a verrrrrrry much needed vacation next week! It will just be for a few days, but I need a break so bad! There has been a lot happening in my personal life that at times is just so overwhelming. I can't wait to just relax & play video games with a very special loved one for the weekend :D I'll try to get a couple FOTD's up before then!

I also bring you some early news of moving! I have decided to pack up & head for AUSTRALIA!!! :D :D :D I am f'ing thrilled, to say the least! I've been deciding between Southern France & Australia for quite some time now & Sydney is where it's at :P I'm going to try & be settled in by early next year and I could not be any more excited :D!!!

And, saving the best for last...I've got a huge project I've been working on for the last week; Amy from Sugarpill Cosmetics has asked me to do eye swatches for her website! I am so happy, honoured & flattered that she asked me to help out! She sent me a couple goodies that I will be adding to my giveaway selection! Can't wait to see the final product up on her site, I'm so excited!!! :D

Anyways! That's all I have for today! Like I said, I'll try to get some new looks up before vacation time! Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Final Fantasy inspired FOTD (Sephiroth - FFVII)

"Tell me what you cherish most. Give me the pleasure of taking it away."

I've had a crappy, crappy day. Sick, tired, so much to do, too much going on & not nearly enough time for it all. I've been working on a project for a makeup company (shhh, it's a secret :P) and when I finished working on some of that, I still felt like I wanted to do something. The thing with doing makeup, is that it helps me relax; I find it an outlet for relieving stress. I am so focused on executing what I have pictured in my head that nothing else matters.

So I sat myself down & thought of this hot piece of a villain, Sephiroth. While I'm doing this series, I am not looking at photos while I do it...just picturing what I think resembles what I want. While the Kingdom Hearts looks were inspired a case, this is the first of my series to be inspired by an actual character. What I thought of was a simple colour scheme with what I'm calling a "sleek" look to it. Not sure exactly what I even mean by that, but when I think of Sephiroth, I think of this silver haired, quick on his feet, better watch the F out kinda guy. I winged it out because of his wing...does this make sense? Hahah, probably not; it's 4 am & I am in desperate need of sleep :P

Anyways. Enough with the babble, here's what I came up with for this silver fox, Sephiroth. There is so much I would have changed, done differently. I could NOT fix the crease on one eye while I had difficulties with the wing on the other. Ohhh well ;D! I still liked it for the most part.


What I used;
NYX Skin Tone eyeshadow base
Ben Nye Silver Lumiere Creme Colour on inner lid
Inglot #447 on inner lid
NYX Black Bean jumbo eye pencil
MAC Typographic eyeshadow
MUFE #28 or is it 08? (black) eyeshadow
Sugarpill Tako eyeshadow
Sugarpill Tiara loose eyeshadow (used wet)
MAC MSF Natural in Light (to highlight)
Urban Decay Gunmetal 24/7 liner on lower lash line
Inglot #447 & MAC Typographic on lower lash line
MAC Brun eyeshadow on brows

Lots & lots of foundation (3 layers, AAAGHHH!!!!)
Rice powder

MAC Naked Liner lipliner
MAC C-Thru lipglass

Yay, happy I finally have that one done & posted. I'm not too sure what I'll do next, but Final Fantasy Dissidia 2 comes out soon & I'm sure that will inspire me :D Suggestions would be great as well :)

Passing out now ;D!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Inglot FOTD :D

This whole not having red hair thing failed. Tonight, I went back ;D I love red hair and I've never felt so good about myself without it.

Tonight's look was based off of some chick from Glee. Hahah. She was at an awards show (sorry, I don't really keep up with celeb crap) and her makeup was AWESOME. I changed my brow shape a bit & thought this look would be perfect!

I didn't pull the outer wing out as far as she had hers, but I wanted this to suit my face better. Either way, I think this is my new going out look, I loooooove it! Here's what I used :D

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Inglot #348 (matte) eyeshadow on entire lid, winged outward towards end of brow
Inglot #37 (amc shine) eyeshadow on crease, winged outward & blended over #348
MAC Naked Lunch eyeshadow on crease, pulled upward
Inglot #351 (matte) eyeshadow to highlight
Sugarpill Tako eyeshadow under brows
#347 & #37 on lower lash line
Demi-Wispies lashes
MAC Blacktrack fluidline

MAC Well Dressed blush
Contour palette to highlight

MAC Style It Up lipstick

My backordered Inglot eyeshadows were shipped today! Hurrah! Should be here Monday, plus the other order I placed will be here Tuesday. I also ordered some Crown brushes from the HauteLook event & should be getting them pretty soon. I did a LOT of spring cleaning thru my vanity & pitched a ton of old brushes.

Quick question! How do you all store your pigment samples? I have about 300 of those tiny little jars & I am wondering your solution for storage? I need something new because I just have too much! Thanks <3!

Day off tomorrow. I am FORCING myself to complete the next installment of my video game series. I can't believe I let myself wait it out so long. I have everything planned out, just didn't sit myself down to do it! :)

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Inglot Cosmetics; Ingl-OMG! *PIC HEAVY*

I wasn't going to post today, because I did a bit yesterday, but FedEx just dropped off my Inglot Cosmetics package!!! AAAAAGHHHH!

5 of the colours I ordered are on back-order, so I am a little bummed. They offered to let me choose new colours or wait for the others & I really just wanted what I selected so I'm going to wait it out. They also said they would ship those 2nd day service to help make up for the wait. Before I get into photos/swatches/review, let me just say that their customer service is fabulous. Each e-mail I received was quick in response & very professional yet friendly. The only thing I was thrown off by was what seemed to be an invoicing error. When ordering on the website, my total came to $121 with shipping. Looking over the email confirmation, my order was $146?! I double checked my bank info & was charged $121, but still questioned it anyway. I didn't receive a direct response (as my question was a little vague) but they said I was charged the correct amount of $121.

I placed my order for a 20 Freedom Pan & 20 Freedom eyeshadows. The more you buy with Inglot, the more you save. I bought a little bit of everything with the eyeshadows, but purchased 3 or more of each type, so the pricing went down. I also received an 80% discount on the 20 pan, taking it from $25 to $20. I'm not exactly sure how/why/when this happened, but it still rules! I am already ready to order more!

Before I post the images, I want to do a small little review. A lot of people have been asking about the finishes the shadows come in & how they are, how they compare to other brands, etc. The only thing I can say, is that everything is AWESOME. Some of the shadows looked chalky in their pan, but I was so pleasantly surprised when I swatched them. Not one shade disappointed me. Some were more sheer, the mattes....heaven, but nothing was just "meh" or anything of the sort.

Matte; CREAMY, not chalky at all like you would expect matte eyeshadow to be like. These are workable, blendable, you name it.

AMC; Seems to be their basic shadow. Opaque, very vibrant. Soft finish.

AMC Shine; Sheer, yet buildable. Very awesome for blending/transitioning. Super soft.

Double Sparkle; Glittery look, but amazing application. These looked chalky in their pans but I was surprised to apply them & see how fantastic they looked. The glitter does apply, but it is not a disastrous mess.

Pearl; Soft, creamy & semi-opaque.

Anyways, onto the pics. These are massive, as I wanted to photograph them in great detail ;D

Bigger, cheaper & better than MAC ;D

I did take pictures of each shadow individually, but adding photos on this post has been a pain, as it will only let me add them one by one. Not sure why it's happening :( 

I also got two free pigment samples with my order :D

 I am astounded with this company. Amazing customer service, amazing products. My only, smallest, complaint is with the lid of the palette. It's held on by magnets, there is no latch or anything like that. For me, I try to be as gentle as possible with makeup because I'm known to be a clutz that drops everything...so opening taking the lid off is an eensy bit difficult for me. 

I'm already looking forward to placing my next order. I highly recommend everyone check them out. The Inglot website is a little messy IMO, but I think this company can reach amazing lengths with their astounding product.

I have only two words.....Goodbye MAC!