Saturday, July 30, 2011

Some looks + makeup sale!

I put that hot piece of a UD 15 year anniversary palette to work the other night. So far, I'm pretty impressed. UD is known for putting chunky, glittery shadows in their palettes, but these are fantastic. :D

For this look I used;
Urban Decay Eden Primer Potion all over lid
NYX Milk eye pencil right under brows
Urban Decay Evidence eyeshadow packed onto the lid
Urban Decay Half Truth eyeshadow on crease
Urban Decay Omen eyeshadow above crease/blending the edges
Urban Decay Vanilla eyeshadow to highlight & soften
Ben Nye White eyeshadow under brows
Kiss #05 Lashes

This next look was inspired by a makeup ad (Sephora, I think?)

I don't remember the exact products, but basically used a matte black over a creamy base (to help blend) and a white liner + white shadow for the line. :D

This look I actually recorded a tutorial for! Like...a legit tutorial where I don't ramble like an idiot :P I'm not sure if/when this will be uploaded, because I need to learn how to edit videos before that happens!

The lashes are a little icky because I think I've overworn them :S Don't worry, they were in the trash after this look!

I used;
Ben Nye Royal Purple Lumiere Creme Colour on lid
MUFE #92 on lid
MUFE #9 on crease
MAC Vibrant Grape on crease
MAC Beautiful Iris to soften
MAC Digit to highlight
Sugarpill Tako under brows
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxie with LA Splash Phenomenon glitter on top & Urban Decay Glam Rock glitterliner on upper lash line!

I'm crossing my fingers to have this tutorial up soooon!

Also, I'm having a cosmetics sale in my LiveJournal. I really want to upgrade to a MacBook Pro (I'm using a dinky netbook now) and am looking to part with some unloved makeup!

Thanks for looking!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Inglot Cosmetics Rainbow eyeshadows

w00t! Received my order from Inglot today; 10 Rainbow eyeshadows!

These were a little difficult to swatch simple because 3 shades in each pan doesn't leave much room for a brush. I heard elsewhere that the shades in each pan were different finishes, but they all seemed pretty matte to me. A few shades had a bit of frost to them, but by no means are they really that different. I think these are fun & a good way to add to your colour range. For me, I find having lots of colours in similar tones beneficial for blending & transitioning.

I'm pretty excited to use these! I'll have some looks with these coming up in the next few days :D!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I finally got my hands on the UD 15 Year Anniversary palette :D :D :D! The warehouse that shipped it is just 2 towns over, so I got it the next day & am so thrilled with it. I was able to get mine on though it sold out pretty quick. is also out of stock. When I was at Ulta the other day, a rep for UD showed me all the new goodies & said this palette will be in stores within the first week of August!

The palette itself comes in a purple velvet box. The palette has a removable lid that does not hold close with a clasp or anything. I decided to keep the palette in the purple box it came in (UD suggests using it as a jewelry box) simply because the lid does not hold onto the palette in any way. The lid to the the palette has a large, purple UD jewel logo on it & a gunmetal mirror. The inside of the lid also has a mirror.

This palette presents 15 new 0.05 oz shadows. It retails at $55 and is limited edition. These are already on eBay for ridiculous prices & has limited these to 1 per person. Don't forget, these will be in stores as well!

I didn't have time for swatches, but will start using this for looks within the week!

Nicole by OPI; Justin Bieber collection part 2 + giveaway!

The second part of Nicole By OPI's Justin Bieber 'One Less Lonely Girl' collection is out in stores! I'm not too certain when the second half launched, but I was able to find all of these at Target (Ulta had them, too.)

Make U Smile

 One Time Lime

 I'm a Belieber

 Red-y to Runaway Love

 I've Got Bieber Fever

 "Baby" Blue

Not a Gold Bigger

These retailed for for $7.99 and are available at Ulta, Target & I know these are marketed to younger girls (as in Bieber fans) but to me, $8 a nail polish is quite a bit for a pre-teen.

I'm a little behind on the giveaway for reaching 300 followers :( But! For this giveaway, I will choose 3 winners at random who will receive two brand new polishes from this collection! All you have to do is email me your name, blog link (if you have one) and address! Winners will be chosen on the 27th of July. Due to customs regulations, this contest will be US Only.

Please send your entries to with 'Nail Polish Giveaway' as the subject!

Thank you for all of your support & good luck! :D

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Showcase: Tarte for True Blood Palette

I will go ahead & start off by saying that I am not a fan of the True Blood series. I simply never took interest in the show & can honestly tell you, I've never even seen an episode. I don't watch much TV to begin with & the whole vampire craze never suited me. But that didn't stop me from totally drooling over the new Tarte for True Blood Palette. I read about this palette online & was actually pretty happy to see it at my local Sephora. So I picked it up yesterday, and today, put it to use.

While I'm not really into the vampire trend, I definitely LOVE the look of the palette. It's edgy & dark in terms of the overall theme. The shadows, too, are primarily dark, vampy shades. 

The palette comes with 17 True Blood inspired shadows (I'm not familiar enough with Tarte to know if these are repromotes or not) as well as a full sized eyeliner, mini mascara & primer. There is also a mirror on the top of the inside flip-top lid. This palette retails for $52 at, & as well as in Sephora & Ulta stores.

Pull out drawer under palette that holds the primer, liner & mascara

Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara in black.

Lifted primer.

EmphasEYES liner in black.

Also included is this eye chart guide with some recommended looks.

Onto the shadows! I really thought the quality of these were great, considering the $52 price tag for this palette. A lot of companies tend to lessen the quality of the products placed in palettes such as this as a means to compensate for possible lost revenue. What I mean by that is, a company that mass produces palettes with lots of shadows, such as this, tend to lose money. The individual cost of the good quality eyeshadows would be far too much for any consumer to spend, which is why they list the estimate value. This palette has a value of $331, because that would be how much you would spend on the individual items. Sorry for going off on a tangent, but my overall point is that Tarte kept good quality eyeshadows in this palette instead of using crap-ingredient shadows to save money.

 Anyways! :D

All swatches were swiped over NYX Milk eye pencil using a flat brush.

Some of the shadows do have a bit of a sparkly fall out, even with the usage of primer & a base. I still really think they're worth it. Tarte kept the quality of these shadows up to par & there isn't a single shade that applied chalky or inconsistent. Even Nocturnal, which is a deep, blackened blue with blue sparkle, held true to the colour in the pan when applied. There is a nice difference in shadow finishes, with some matte, frost & sparkly shades.

So, even if you're not a fan of True Blood, I think this palette is a total steal. While the colours tend to run dark, it is still a really nice range with a LOT of possibilities.