Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Teal makeup to match my new teal 'do ;D

I finally did it. I've been wanting teal hair for SO long. & A few nights ago, I gathered up the courage & the bleach and went ahead and just did it. I really wanted the top half of my head to be teal, but, bleaching that red out was such a pain in the bum, so I did just a few middle layers.

Tonight, after working on a makeup project, I went ahead and did some makeup to match ;D I was pretty happy with the outcome of the look & the hair, so I thought I would post it here!

Also, this is my first ever FOTD without foundation. I've been using one of those fancy BB creams & it SAVED my skin! I just applied that & MAC Skinfinish Natural :D Yay, confidence!

For this look I used;

NYX White eyeshadow base
MAC Chartru paint
Beauty From The Earth Walking on Water pigment & Green Apple pigment, mixed & used wet
Sugarpill Junebug chroma lust
MAC Mont Black eyeshadow on crease
MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow to highlight
Ben Nye White eyeshadow under brows
Demi-Wispies & London lashes

NYX Rose lipliner
MAC Fun Fun lipstick
MAC Naked pigment


Cassykins said...

Your hair looks awesome!

vaneza said...

your look is gorgeous, i love your new hair color!!!

Jaime said...

That makeup is awesome! Your hair looks great! I have a bright pink (Special Effects Atomic Pink) underlayer and I've been thinking of going teal for quite some time, but my hair is blonde and I'm afraid it will bleed off into the blonde and look funky.

VijiiS said...

You look great! Awesome post. =]

Jess said...

which bb cream have you been using? You look great- love the hair and your skin looks gorgeous!

froggistyle73 said...

Love the look!

smoosh_kissxx said...

gorgeous look, and your skin looks fantastic!

Sarah. said...

This look goes so well with your hair! you look beautiful :)

Louzee said...

No foundation? Your skin is really nice, atleast it's blemish free. I hope you have a skin care post somewhere in your blog, I'd love to read it. This is really pretty, but if I know anything about dying hair, I bet you'll need to touch that up every few weeks. Other than that, you totally rock that color!

mnprncss88 said...

Sooo pretty! I found your blog after finally signing into LJ late late last night. I LOVE your makeup looks and saved a couple as inspiration! Do u do tutorials on YouTube?

Shanna said...

I loooove the hair! I really like that the teal is more mid/under layers rather than on top/all over - personal preference, but I think it really suits you :D

I keep hearing about these BB Creams but I really have no idea wtf they are haha. I ought to look into these, my skin could really use some saving.

Richelle said...

Love the look!!! Sorry to tell you but Inglot released about 80 matte colors so now you can add them to the freedom system. Womp womp....there goes my paycheck lol.

Reen said...

thank you everyone! i'm digging the hair so far, i'm normally pretty ADD when it comes to my hair, so i hope this lasts ;D

the bb cream i've been using is Dr. Jart Water Fuse, it's available at Sephora. i've been on it for a month now & am so happy that i don't need to cake myself in makeup anymore. it has honestly saved my skin!

right now, i do not do tutorials. i'm still messing with the lighting & sound for them and really hope to get some out soon!

eeeep, heading to inglot's website now D: goodbye, paycheck ;D

MoonMiistBabii said...

HOT i miss my turquoise hair..

D.Sadie said...

You are so gorgeous!! I really love this look and that color is fantastic. =) Great blog. Definitely following.


INA said...

hey there, great look...took inspiration from it, maybe you'd like to see it

blog is in german, but there are some pics...

take care,

Jade said...

the hair looks amazing!!!! i know how hard it is to get rid of red!

& omgoshh your skin is also amazing!