Friday, June 24, 2011

MAC Bloggers' Obsessions

On the 21st, MAC launched an online only collection created by some of the top beauty bloggers. This collection consisted of 9 products; 4 eyeshadows & 5 lipglass' all of which were concocted by the bloggers themselves.

I survived the total clusterf*ck MAC caused by launching the collection, then pulling it down in random spurts. I only ordered two items, Jealousy Wakes eyeshadow & Evolution Revolution lipglass. While I think the idea behind this collection was pretty awesome, the other items didn't really appeal to me (especially dark-coloured lipglass)

The awesome UPS man brought me my goodies today & I put them to work instantly!

Evolution Revolution lipglass is a pretty, sheer peachy-pink with loads of sparkle. For my personal preferences, it seemed a bit to orange for me, even though it is quite sheer.

I really, personally, LOVE Jealousy Wakes. I think she hit the nail right on the head with this shadow. I can honestly say that in my entire collection I own NOTHING like it. Most of you probably know how much I love to rock the greens & teals and this shadow was perfect. I'm normally not a huge fan of Veluxe Pearl finishes, but this applied very nicely, super vibrant. My only compliant, was that I received my shadow with small bits missing (though I could find no residue within the container -?!) I emailed MAC, but haven't heard a response. This shadow sold out incredibly fast and so far, is the only product to sell out. It is incredibly beautiful & has the right touch of shimmer without being a glitterbomb. I hope MAC re-promotes this one!

I also did a quick FOTD using these items. 

Excuse the dumb/tired look on my face...been taking care of bb kittehz non-stop for a month ;D

NYX White eyeshadow base
MAC Jealousy Wakes eyeshadow on lid
MAC Aquavert eyeshadow on crease
MAC Waternymph eyeshadow on crease
MAC Brill eyeshadow to highlight
Ben Nye White eyeshadow
Demi-Pixies lashes

MAC Innocence, Beware lipstick
MAC Evolution Revolution lipglass

MAC Sakura blush


Linda said...

F'n GORGEOUS on you!! I love that color (and your hair is looking fab).


Cassykins said...

Good choices! I say that because I got the same two things, lol. Can't wait until they come today!

Audrey said...

I am so excited now! I only ordered 2 things, Jealousy Wakes and Evolution Revolution. I am thrilled to hear that JW is so unique, because like you, I have a ton of blues/greens/teals. And ER looks beautiful. My kind of color! :) Thanks for the review!

slave2beauty said...

So happy i got JW originally i only bought because of the blogger and shes one of my fav..but the color is so pretty and looks great on you bb!

Courtney said...

After seeing this, I hate that I missed out on JW! It looks amazing on you!

Lily Seymour said...

You rocked it... best i've seen yet.

Susie K said...

i wish you had a YT channel.

Voe said...

Love the little star design on your nails! You are stunning by the way and incredibly talented with makeup!

I adore your blog, so I will definitly be back to read more of your posts! I wish you all the luck in the world with it (although I am sure you don't need it).

All the best,

Sarah said...

Jealousy Wakes with your eye colour and those lashes, ahhh so pretty!

Victoria said...

Do you use MAC a lot? Do the eyeshadows you use tend to stay on very well? because most eyeshadows I use come off easily throughout my day.