Thursday, July 7, 2011

Smokey Eyes & Dramatic Neutral Eyes!

2looks1post! I have been trying to post these looks for a week now, hahah. Something is up with my internet at home, so I am sitting in a comfy chair at the library instead ;D

I did some super smokey eyes for no particular reason last week & really liked the outcome. I used to be big on using a lot of black eyeshadow, but lately, I toned it down so it wasn't so dramatic. Well, last week, I upped the drama & using a black base AND black eyeshadow, put this look together. I really like it!

I don't remember everything, but I for sure used;

MAC Blackground paint pot
3 Inglot shadows (a matte black, a matte smokey grey & a medium-toned beige to highlight)
Ben Nye White eyeshadow under brows
MAC Utter Pervette lipstick

This next look is my general everyday look, if I even feel like putting makeup on, hahah. I used the Urban Decay Naked palette for everything :D

I checked out MAC's Semi-Precious collection today & will admit, I like it. The lipstcks & cremesheen glasses weren't really my type (except for one) but the skinfinishes & mineralized eyeshadows were pretty nice. I picked up Pearl & Rose Quartz MSF's, Clarity & Dark Indulgence MES's & Pure Magnificence cremesheen glass. $124 total...which seems so pathetic. Anyone else remember when skinfinishes were $22?! YIKES! But I will have pics & swatches of my haul once I get my internet situation sorted out :D

I've always got 2 giveaways coming up, so stay tuuuuuned!


Arezu said...

I really like the first look! Your blending is flawless as well.

I think I need to start wearing black liner on my lower lashline, I love the way it adds drama to your eyes!

Shadowy Lady said...

Loving both looks especially the smokey black one. You're reminding me that I haven't done a full on black smokey eye in a long time

slave2beauty said...

Love both looks but most especially the dark drama smokey look.

Reen do you tight line? i have been trying to do that when i do my makeup but i still havent gotten a hang on it, i was wondering if you did! because i def need some tips and would want to know what brushes you use.


Reen said...

@Arezu; Thank you! I actually don't wear liner on my lower lash line aside from when I take pics! I think it makes my eyes look too small, hah.

@Shadowy Lady; I loooove super smokey eyes, but just rarely do them so dark! It's a nice change of pace, though!

@Amy; I do tightline, but as I mentioned above, I only do it when I take pics! I don't use a brush, I normally just use the eye pencil itself!

Sanna said...

You're so damn pretty!

Victoria said...

your eyes are sooo beautiful! I love the casual-everyday look and I think I'll try it out. normally, I just wear thin eyeliner and mascara, but I want to go bolder. thanks for sharing :)