Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Showcase: Smashbox 'Style Files'

While browsing Sephora a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this boxed set by Smashbox. I'm personally a really big fan of sets like these, as they tend to sell them for a great price considering the actual retail value of the individual products. This set retails for $59 at Sephora.

 The set is separated into 3 'books' of product; Lip & Cheek Palette, Eye Liner Palette & Shadow Palette. While I like that everything is bundled together, it can seem rather bulky & could be inconvenient for artists who need quick access to their products.

The Lip & Cheek palette consists of 2 lipgloss tubes & 2 blushes. The first blush/gloss is a warm, light coral. The blush is more of a matte finish & the gloss is sheer. The second blush/gloss is a sparkly brown-based nude. Both the blush & gloss have a noticeable amount of shine & shimmer.

 Cheek #1, Cheek #2

 Lipgloss #1

Lipgloss #2

I personally didn't like either of the two glosses. I found the first to be too sheer while the second was too sparkly. I did like the first blush, but rarely wear coral tones in the first place.

The Eye Liner palette has 4 cream liners & two liner pencils. There is a warm, cream colour, a medium brown, silver & eggplant-ish purple as well as brown & black pencils.

I really liked the cream liners, but will probably use them for a base as opposed to lining. The pencil liners are nice, too, & all of the shades applied nice & creamy.

The last palette, Shadow Palette, consists of 8 eyeshadows. The range of colours is mostly neutrals with differentiating finishes. This part of the set is what convinced me to buy it.

I personally liked the majority of the shadows aside from the mattes. They were chalky & simply unblendable.  The shadow on the top left reminded me of a more purple version of MAC's Pink Pearl pigment. My favourite shade is the bottom left, it was SO soft!

Overall, I think this set is pretty nice considering that it's $59. That may sound like a steep amount of money to pay, but considering the quality of most of the products in the palette, I think it's pretty well worth it. I honestly would've liked to see some travel-sized brushes with it as well to make the set more complete.

As far as I can see, this isn't available online. I checked the Sephora & Smashbox websites and was unable to find it. I did purchase this sometime in late June, so I'm hoping it's still available for those who have been contemplating getting this!


Corina said...

59$ is a pretty decent price, considering that you get a lot af products. However, personally I'm not really impressed by any of them... maybe just 3 or 4 eyeshadows.