Sunday, July 10, 2011

MAC Semi-Precious Haul & CCO Haul!

It's that time of the month when MAC releases a new collection & I instantly hate it. I can honestly say, however, that Semi-Precious was a pretty nice collection. I felt the colour schematics were more fall-like, especially the range of lip products. The mineralized eyeshadows are one of my favourite MAC products, so I was pretty happy to see a collection devoted to those. And I'm sure most are super happy to see some new skinfinishes as well.

So I stopped into my local MAC counter & picked out a few things. I wanted to limit myself to just $100, but with the skinfinishes being $28 (AAAAGH!!!!) I quickly surpassed that. Does anyone remember when skinfinishes were $22?! Jeeeez, that $6 really adds up.

Anyway, here's my haul. I didn't get a chance for swatches but want to do a comparative post.

 Semi-Precious Pearl Mineralized Skinfinish

 Semi-Precious Rose Quartz Mineralized Skinfinish

 Clarity Mineralized Eyeshadow

 Dark Indulgence Mineralized Eyeshadow

My Magnificence Cremesheen Glass

I really want to try Clarity over a black base, it's super sparkly & rainbow-glittery. Dark Indulgence I'm sure I'll love once I put it to work....I love my greens! So far, the skinfinishes looked bad on me, hahah. It just gave me the look that I rarely wash my face...tooooo shimmery! The creemsheen glass is a nice, cool-toned nude, perfect for smokey eyes! I really wanna grab a few more mineralized eyeshadows once payday rolls around ;)

I also went to the Chicago Premium Outlets last week, primarily to check out the CCO. They had a pretty terrible selection & the general attitude of the employees just pisses me off. Everyone is treated & looked at like a criminal & it makes me super uncomfortable. I did grab a few things, but this is definitely my smallest haul from them :/

I really wanted to browse more, but like I said, they watch you like a hawk there! I try to go every 6 months, but I'm searching for the series of MAC Trip palettes & reallllyy wanna get my hands on those!

Would anyone like to request any comparisons for the Semi-Precious collection? I'll be posting that next week sometime!


Libby said...

Our MSF cost $47 in Australia!!! So criminal.
Nice haul!!

LH said...

What are the two eyeshadows from the CCO you picked up?

Arezu said...

I skipped out on this collection because I'm not a huge fan of MES, and when I swatched the MSF's it just seemed like it would be highlighters for me (n)

LP said...

I also went to the outlets today but at a different location. I totally agree with you on the CCO. They are so snooty in there it gets on my nerves!
Ironically I got the exact same lipgloss as you except it was Beatrix from the Marcel Wanders collection. I had been wanting the gloss every since it came out in November but didn't want to shell out the $22 for it.

Alpha Blonde said...

Clarity is sooo pretty! I think it might be the only eyeshadow I get, someone said it looks like an abalone shell in the pan and it really does!

Anonymous said...

Nice haul! :)

Anonymous said...

I've always felt that way in the CCO. It actually prevents me from going there on a more frequent basis.
Dark Indulgence looks nice, but I'm wondering how similar it is to She Who Dares and all the other million greens I have lol.