Saturday, July 23, 2011

I finally got my hands on the UD 15 Year Anniversary palette :D :D :D! The warehouse that shipped it is just 2 towns over, so I got it the next day & am so thrilled with it. I was able to get mine on though it sold out pretty quick. is also out of stock. When I was at Ulta the other day, a rep for UD showed me all the new goodies & said this palette will be in stores within the first week of August!

The palette itself comes in a purple velvet box. The palette has a removable lid that does not hold close with a clasp or anything. I decided to keep the palette in the purple box it came in (UD suggests using it as a jewelry box) simply because the lid does not hold onto the palette in any way. The lid to the the palette has a large, purple UD jewel logo on it & a gunmetal mirror. The inside of the lid also has a mirror.

This palette presents 15 new 0.05 oz shadows. It retails at $55 and is limited edition. These are already on eBay for ridiculous prices & has limited these to 1 per person. Don't forget, these will be in stores as well!

I didn't have time for swatches, but will start using this for looks within the week!


Jess said...

I love this palette!! It's so cute!