Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Continuation of LA Splash swatches

I am so sad that the quality of these photos are not good at all. It was so difficult to photograph these, so I do apologize that they aren't that great. Hopefully they will show up much better in future looks c:

 Snowflake, Lilac Lily, Cotton Candy, Coy, Phenomenon, Empress

Golden Reflection, Pastel Babe, Nude Diamonds, Exquisite, Engaging, Matrix


Treasure Hunt, Sparkling Oceanspray, Teal Mania, Chameleon, Poison Ivy,  Electric, Fuchsia Fusion, Purple Heart

These are so awesome! The glitter liners can tend to be a little runny, but they do apply easily. & The opaque colour the eye liners give is just awesome. Each swatch was only applied twice. Poison Ivy is by far my favourite....I can't wait to pick up more of these.

I used LA Splash Pastel Babe glitter on the lid

Used Phenomenon glitter above the crease!

Hope this was helpful! I love these glitters & will definitely have tons of FOTDS with them soon.


JewlieMcK said...

I really wish had access to these in the UK :(

femputer said...

Really pretty!

Rebecca said...

Ulta is getting rid of the LA Splash line. It's no longer on their website, but in stores everything is about $2.69 a piece right now. I got a lot of glitters and Diamond Dusts.