Tuesday, October 12, 2010

hello there!

after years of being asked if i had a blog, i finally decided to make one. i'm still in the process of setting everything up, but if all goes well i would like to update this regularly.

a little background on me;

i'm reen. i'm a 23 year old makeup junkie. i've been a freelance artist for approximately 5 years & am on the long & expensive road to obtaining my cosmetics license. i currently reside in the chicagoland area & i am a total city girl. i've always had a huge interest in makeup & i was constantly playing around in my moms cosmetics case. she bought me my first mascara when i was 13 (i begged so hard for that) and from there it really took off.

what you can expect from me;

LOTS of cosmetics related posts including looks i've done, product information, product swatches & reviews.

tutorials, i've always been asked how i do my brows....i just have to get the hang of recording myself doing it :p

beauty finds, amazing deals on cosmetics/beauty products. i'd like to feature a cosmetics company once a month/once a week. i've been asked to work in conjunction with several companies & can't wait to get things started.

giveaways! contests & themes.

as you can see, i have very high hopes for this blog. i do apologize for this incredibly n00b-like post, but within the next few weeks i will be re-vamping everything!

stay tuned c: