Tuesday, October 12, 2010

starting things off...

with some eyeshadow! huzzah! i'm really just trying to figure this site/blog out, so bare with me the next couple of posts :)

for this look i used;

MAC Sassy Grass eyeshadow on the entire lid, pulled into the crease
LA Splash Serenade pigment on the crease
MAC Aquavert eyeshadow above the crease
Ben Nye White eyeshadow to highlight, pulled down into the crease
MAC Chrystalled Lime glitter packed on the lid (used wet with Ben Nye Liquid Seal)
Ardell London lashes

...testing, testing...1...2...



femputer said...

O_O It looks fantastic!

Laura said...

WOW! I just found this site through makeupalley after searching for the new tarte palette. The eye looks you have posted are fantastic! Will you please show how you created the "My Dark Magic" look?

Have you thought about posting on youtube?!

Reen said...

thank you!

& i will for sure do a breakdown of the MDM look.

i've recorded a couple of YT videos, but my camera is just not of good enough quality to post up close eye tutorials. someday i'd like to c:

Anonymous said...

I found your blogspot from your MUA account. I was browsing your FOTD's and your looks are AMAZING! Can't wait to read more on blogspot. You should definately do a tutorial sometime.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Inspirational ! Glad you are doing this - bookmarked