Tuesday, February 22, 2011

FOTD + More TKB creations/swatches

Out of sheer boredom & the inability to sleep last night, I decided to do my makeup. I ended up really liking this a lot, especially since it's been so dark, dismal & gloomy here in Chicago lately.

MAC Chartru paint on entire lid & crease
MAC Lime eyeshadow packed on lid
MAC Sassy Grassy eyeshadow on crease
MAC Overgrown eyeshadow on crease & inner tear duct
MAC MSF Natural in Light to highlight
Ben Nye White eyeshadow under brows
MAC Greenglo pencil on lower lash line
Lime & Sassy Grass on lower lash line
NYX Green & Lime glitterliners on lower lash line
MAC Black Track fluidline
Really, really shitty mascara :P

MAC Shell Pearl beauty powder
MAC Marine Life high-light poweder

MAC In Sync lip liner
Flirt Cherub lipstick
MAC Cultureclash lipglass

I also mixed together more TKB micas the other day. I received another order two days ago, too, I just haven't had the motivation to play around with my new stuff. 

& Here's some swatches of a super secret project I'm working on for my sister. She's a huge Superman fan & she's helping me create a little collection for it :) This is just sort of a test run as several of the colours need to be adjusted. We're still picking out names, too. The blue we're naming Kal-El, the red we're thinking of "S" & the yellow might be "Justice." The green will be Kryptonite (we're going to lighten this one up a bit) & I'm also making a colour named Lex Luther which I haven't started just yet. This is all just for fun & she's going to design the labels for each colour (she's an artist) Anyway, here's some swatches of that :D!

It's been pretty fun doing all of the mixing, testing, swatching, etc. I've been starting down this super extensive colour wheel for about a week so that I can create exactly what I want.

Anyways! Thanks for looking :) And I'll be purchasing my new camcorder later this week so I can get the ball rollin' on tutorials! Woo hoooo!


Joice said...

How pretty! And the Superman collection is so cool :D Too bad international shipping on TKB is 17$ or I'd love to play with pigments like that

Mai said...

What do you like to use for the base of your eyeshadows? I've been experimenting but I'm still not sure of a good base

Arezu said...

Love the look! It looks so beautiful and vibrant, and wearable! Well, I think you wear it beautifully.

That's interesting to hear about your little collection you're making, are you planning to market/sell it? Or is it just an on your own trying it out kind of thing?

Reen said...

@Joice; thank you! and holy crap, $17?! yikes! maybe they add tracking to the package, causing it to be that expensive?

@Mai; for this look i used just the chartru paint because i was just going to wash it off afterward anyway. generally i use either UDPP, TFSI or NYX white base.

@Arezu; thanks! i love greens so much, always have :) i'm just making these for fun/for myself. i wanted to understand the process a little better & be able to identify companies that simply dump mica into sample jars easier. when i first starting mixing, i went and showed my sister one of the blues i did & she said it reminded her of superman. so after talking about girlie superman eyeshadows (hence the loads of glitter) we decided to collaborate ideas & make it happen. i do not intend to sell anything, at least not for a profit. i've had a few girlies ask for samples, though, which i would happily send out for free. i'm not interested in making money or creating a company or anything like that :P

Kimberly said...

I love the green eyeshadow, and how matte it is! very pretty.

and I spy a c&c tattoo ;D

sparkle-and-grey said...

Green looks look so pretty with red hair :)

Katie said...

I love that look! I did something similar to that the other day when we actually reached 70 degrees here lol I was like SUMMER LOOK TIMEEEE!!! I didn't want to take it off. Bright looks just make me happy.

Liz said...

I Love your blog! You are so talented! wish I could do my eyes like that

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