Thursday, February 10, 2011

MAC & Wonder Woman : I wonder what DC was thinking?

Today, I woke up nice and early (10 am is early for me :P) and decided to go check out the new MAC Wonder Woman collection.

Wow. That was a waste of time & over $100. Some of you may know that I have willingly left the MAC loop a couple years ago. I was just getting awful tired of price increases, smaller containers & the same old regurgitated makeup that was placed into new packaging, which was for the most part, ghastly & quite ugly. MAC has certainly made no exception with this new collection. Now, what I find to be ugly about the packaging is NOT the colour scheme & graphics; I am a huge gamer & comic book fan. Wonder Woman is not my favourite by any means, but the look of the cases doesn't bug me in the least. What turns me off, is how unnecessarily HUGE these products are. The MSF's remind me of very expensive & delicate frisbees. The blushes are the size of beauty powders & don't even get me started on that lipglass. I may have decently full lips, but, they are by no means the size of a lemon. Funny, how the tiny pigments, however, remained to be oh so tiny...which still has me pissed off at MAC for changing them.

Anyway. Back to my story :P I stopped by my favourite Macy's counter (&the one I used to work at) to check this out in person. The store was dead. Not a soul there but myself & the employees. I think MAC prepared to have a huge crowd today, but around noon time in Chicagoland...there wasn't anybody fighting with me over a skinfinish. I walked in knowing what I wanted to check out, because I looked at the collection online beforehand. I was so unimpressed. I did purchase a few things but, wow....what a dull collection this was. A colour-less collection in obnoxiously clunky packaging. And, again, while the colour scheme doesn't bother me, it is still quite ugly to have in your collection.

I have some photos for you. I won't be doing swatches, because I am in desperate need of a better camera for that. I would suggest you check out Temptalia for those as she always has the best photos!

Yep. All this, for $108. I feel like such an idiot now :P

Pink Power MSF compared to Blonde MSF (&then a BN Petticoat MSF)
 Compared to a BN Petticoat MSF to show difference in the overall size, including the dome.

UM. HUGE MUCH?!?!?! Geez. You could probably use this as a dog toy once you've finished the product. I can't believe they decided to make this collection so massive.

 Compared to a regular sized MAC blush pan. Then compared to a MAC Beauty Powder.
 Compared to both.

Mighty Aphrodite & Amazon Princess.

Supersized blush? Or just fancy coloured beauty powder? I think these are the only thing worth looking at in the entire collection.


 Emancipation compared to a regular sized lipglass. Look at how monstrous that applicator is! YIIIIKES D: I'm also not liking the transparent label on the bottom.

Emancipation over a very light application of Pink Friday lipstick.

 Yay! A proper sized lipstick!

 Overall. I am so disappointed in this collection & MAC in general. My love for them died quite a while ago after I discovered so many better & cheaper brands. I took a look at the eyeshadow quads & didn't even bother swatching. Or, rather, I just had no desire to. They just looked like they were weak & chalky. I picked up one, looked at the eyeshadow finishes on the back (1 veluxe pearl & 3 satins) and just put it right back down. Satin eyeshadows are my favourite, but these just looked terrible. The only thing I *might* go back to look at is Wonder Woman lipgloss. I swatched it on my hand and it was a pretty red with a nice, gentle silver sparkle. But I very rarely wear red lipstick, let alone a red gloss. It was just pretty to look at. The nail polishes I didn't even glance at. MAC has always sucked with nail polish & I find them to be too watery/runny.

I think this collection can be passed up for the most part. The blushes & MSF's are interesting, but the price hike is such a turn off. I don't care that they are massive & sure, you're getting "more product"... but a collection of super sized products is just unnecessary. They are awkward to handle, especially that MSF. The lipglass, also....obnoxious in its size.

You will also save some serious dough passing this up. Like I said before, I spent over $100 and hardly got anything. So disappointing, and the price increase just makes me feel worse. I'm not one to impulse buy on makeup anymore & I know I will use what I purchased. I just feel like such an ass for blowing through that much money & receiving very little.

I hope this was helpful. I am not trying to steer anyone away from buying/using MAC, this is just simply how I feel about this collection & MAC in general. I think they've really gone down the tubes over these last few years. And this collection has really set me on ignoring this company. Boo! Rumour also has it that MAC/Estee Lauder did NOT pay the copyright fees on this collection; meaning you will not ever see it at a discounted price unless you purchase it used from the various selling communities. No pro discount, no CCO, nada. Once this collection has been out for a certain amount of time, MAC will pull it & most likely destroy whatever is left of it.

Next post: More Fyrinnae swatches & review/swatches on Madd Style Cosmetics!


slave2beauty said...

Yea the lipglass wand is hugmango! holy cow, were paying for gigantic makeup which is very unnecessary.

Dainty Darling Digits said...

Yup, exactly why I'm passing. Everything looks and feels cheap and gimmicky with not real stunner shades at all. Big thumbs down.

Arezu said...

I passed on this collection as well, I think MAC assumed it would be a huge collection (like Heatherette or Hello Kitty) but it doesn't look like it turned out that way!