Friday, February 18, 2011

Giveaway! :D!!!

Yay! I'm so excited about doing my first giveaway. There are many, many more to come!

A couple things;
You need to subscribe/follow this blog in order to participate.
Open worldwide. However, only items shipped within the US will come with tracking.
I will number all followers & then using, select the winner. If you would like to have your own number (it's okay, I have a lucky number, too) please leave a comment in THIS entry.
You do NOT have to comment on this post to enter. Everyone who has subscribed is already entered to win! :D
I will be selecting a winner in 3 days, so that those who would like to choose a number may do so.
The winner may choose from several items, which I will be posting once I've picked a winner.
If the winner does not respond within 5 days, I will pick another winner.
As a bonus, I'm also sending some goodies to the gal who was the 100th follower!
All prizes up for grabs are NEW & UNUSED

A huge thanks to everyone! This is the first of very many giveaways I'd like to do! I'd also like to use this post to announce that I've finally created a YouTube account ;D I am still doing my research on good, high quality HD camcorders & will *hopefully* have my first tutorial up within the next 1-2 months. I'm thinking of letting you all vote on what to do my first tutorial on, how does that sound?

Again, thank you EVERYONE. I am seriously beyond thrilled to be a part of all of this. Your support is so valued & I look forward to expanding the blog as time rolls on. <3!

*Click the giveaway tag to see what's up for grabs!*

EDIT: Once these prizes reach your hands, they are yours do what you'd like. I will be giving away some rare pieces of makeup & would like to encourage that you do not attempt to make a profit off of these items. It would be very disheartening to see any of these on eBay or sales, anything. I am doing this as a huge thank you & favour to my fans & followers. I have so many more planned & would not want to resort to ending these sort of things if items are being sold for a profit. Please note that everything listed to be given away was purchased by ME, with my own money. Some items may be samples that were included with orders, but nothing I'm giving away was sent to me for any purpose other than for my own use. Thank you for understanding.


slave2beauty said...

YAY! <333 we need makeup talent like yours on youtube!

Ok i dont want to pick a number so just random me <3

Joice said...

Congratulations in getting 100 followers! Many more will come, your makeup looks are amazing :)

. no empty yesterdays . said...

giveaways ROCK! thanks for yours! and congrats on 100 followers!

my lucky number is forever #13...i don't give a damn if everyone calls it UNlucky! ;]

noemptyyesterdays (at) gmail (dot) com

Reen said...

thank you!! i am sooo excited, it's insane :D

if anyone would like to email me their number, that is also an option. this way i have your contact information as well. i will update this post with numbers that have been taken! [subject:] giveaway number


Katie said...

Congrats on your first 100!! That's so exciting! =)

My lucky number has always been 37 so I'll take that one.

smoosh_kissxx said...

yey giveaway! could I have number 3? tish my lucky number :)

cant wait for the youtube tutorials to start!

Linsay x

R. said...

your giveaway is amazing! :)
enter me please, I don't mind which number !


Adrienne said...

could i have no.7 please :) and such an original idea :) x

Reen said...

i figured this was probably easiest to start off with! i'll be doing more contest-related giveaways once i really get things rolling :)

Anonymous said...

45 please =)

Sara Wiz said...

can i have number 87 please! and thank u for the giveaway!!!!!!!!!

vaneza said...

thank you very much Reen, for being so generous with your followers without any condition, i really mean it. there are bloggers that think they´re doing you a favor and put so many rules that sometimes are out of our hands.
enter me please.

Libby said...

Hey Reen,
Could I please be number excellent number in my opinion.
Looking forward to more posts by you.


libbytudor AT

Anonymous said...

ooooo I will take #26!!!!!<--email<--Blog! Please follow me as well

Arezu said...

Ahh, that sounds so exciting.

I don't know what your first tutorial should be, there's SO many of your looks that I adore and would love to see a tutorial on - I have no idea where to start!

But I can't wait for you to start doing tutorials (: Definitely going to be looking forward to that!

Shanna said...

"You do NOT have to comment on this post to enter. Everyone who has subscribed is already entered to win! :D"

Well, damn. Not only are you generous in that you're having a giveaway, but the only requirement is to be a follower? You're too kind :D

And is it weird that I was actually kind of bummed that this wasn't a fotd? haha

Could I have #11? :D

Reen said...

@vaneza; thank you for your feedback :D i think when i have more followers to participate, i'll do contests & such. but i have so much backup makeup laying around & i would love to share it! :D

@Lil Lina; following you<3!

@Arezu; i am so excited to start tutorials, i'm even a bit nervous! i used to do photo by photo tuts & now with youtube & such, it will be sooo much easier! i was thinking of doing a purple look using MUFE #92 as i get quite a few requests on that one. i think i might compile a post of frequently asked looks & let everyone decide :D!

@Shanna; i have SO much appreciation for everyone that i decided it should be open to everyone! i was going to do a celebratory EOTD, but i had to run a ton of errands today & didn't get around to it. perhaps after work tomorrow :D

thank you everyone for your awesomely kind words<3! i am just so stoked to be doing this :)!

GamerGrl said...

i would like 5 please :D

Miss A said...

Hey Reen - love your blog, just discovered it and am following now :)


SayAnythingBrooke said...

Hmmm number 27 :)
And Im PUMPED that you made a youtube channel!

Juddde said...

Very nice giveaway!! I would like the number 30 please! :-)

Anonymous said...

emailed you with giveaway #!!