Thursday, February 3, 2011

Glittersniffer Cosmetics : Swatches & Review! *EDITED 02/11/11*

 So, before I get this post started, I wanted to state a couple things. I am not posting these swatches & review to stir up or initiate drama of ANY kind. While I respect those who freely speak their minds (as I often do myself) I am not here to push buttons, bash or degrade ANYBODY. This and every review I post is my 100% honest opinion & view of both the cosmetics products and the cosmetics company. There is more to a makeup company than their makeup, as I take customer service very seriously.

With that said, this post will reflect MY experience with this company. This may upset those of who you had an unpleasant time with GS Cosmetics & you are free to express your opinions as you wish. I will not judge, hold grudges or flame anyone for how they feel, EVER. I only expect the same respect back. This is merely my outlook on this company & is not meant to offed or upset anybody. I take my reviews very seriously & I am sure to correctly and articulately post my honest, truthful opinion. While I may not be some hot-shot YouTube guru of any sort, I have been working & experimenting in the makeup field for almost 10 years now. I'm not one to flaunt my credentials in any way, but know that you will always receive my honest, genuine & sometimes professional opinion. I will never sugar-coat reviews for any reason as there are ways to be constructive without being destructive. I am here to help & to learn. If you have any questions or concerns, I urge you to express them without the fear of negative repercussions. I will never hold differentiating opinions against anybody, under any circumstance.

With all of that said, this is my review for Glittersniffer Cosmetics. I was suggested to join their Facebook page several months ago by a friend who shares many common "likes" with me. I joined & just sorta forgot I did, I never looked into their products or fan photos. A couple weeks before Christmas, I noticed a lot of activity on that page. I am not posting this to my review, as you can Google pretty much the entire story and then some. From what I've read (and this does pertain to my review) is that GS is just another makeup company that repackages TKB micas & puts them into cute little jars. Do I agree with this? Yes, I believe that is more than likely the case here. The thing with me, is that I've never been too against companies doing that; I just generally never buy from them. I was one of LimeCrime's first customer when their makeup line launched & eventually crashed when accusations & swatch comparison photos hit the web. The problem? Was that these repackaged micas were sold at an incredibly high price ($12 for a 5g jar). I think the fall of LimeCrime really kicked off MORE companies who repackaged. I'm probably going off on a tangent here, but my general point is that I'm okay with repackaging & mixing colours if you sell them for a decent price & are able to admit to what you are doing. Will I purchase your makeup? Probably not, but there are plenty of people who don't mind that process & will buy away.

The next issue this company was facing was the accusation that they were using soap dyes & ingredients that are not approved for eye use by the FDA. UH OH. That...just flat out scares me. Their entire line of pink/red eyeshadows was posted for a recall due to these harsh chemicals placed into them. What really, really seemed to upset people was that these products we're being marked as eye safe & vegan, when they unfortunately were not. While I absolutely, 100% do NOT agree with that practice & dishonesty, I will say one thing. How many of us own/use MAC pigments? Probably quite a few, even if all we own are samples. MAC has listed a large portion of their pigment collection as NOT LIP/EYE safe, yet, we still take our chances. I know there have been plenty of times I've used a pigment, KNOWING it wasn't meant for my eyes...and away I went with using it as eyeshadow. The difference, is that MAC acknowledged that these products were not intended nor were they safe for use around the eyes.

That is just a small amount of the backstory. Again, you can Google everything up if you'd like & read into it further. Even though it seemed this company was doomed, I decided to take a chance. As someone who hadn't even reached the status of "new customer" I still wanted to give it a try. I am easy going with makeup in terms of companies both big & small. The owner ended up closing shop for a while, threw away the unsafe makeup & started all over again. There was a note posted, where she vowed to use nothing but FDA approved, safe ingredients and while I disagree with the dishonesty previously displayed, I really felt this young woman wanted to make a difference for the better. I think she has a good eye for colour & from the photos of previous collections I had seen, I knew I wanted to at the very least, try this product.

SO! That all leads me to today. I received two orders from Glittersniffers and was excited to test them out. I ordered the Unicorn collection and the Carnival collection (limited edition, doesn't appear to be on their site)

First I'll start with the Unicorn collection;

 Qt little topper!

Now onto the Carnival collection;

Yeah, that's totally a Super Smash Bros poster 8D


EDIT 02.11.11
I have retracted my review of this company and their products. I am no longer a customer to this company. As I went further & further into my research, I discovered simply too much utterly bad things about this company. I do not believe I was misinformed, because I attempted to find the answers myself. I posted this original review without further educating myself. I simply cannot suggest a company like Glittersniffer Cosmetics. I stand very true to all of my morals & with a blind eye & lack of research, I failed to do so with this review.

I highly suggest anyone who is looking to purchase from this company read this. You will find vital, astounding & flat out ridiculous PROOF of what this company has caused. I am still in the midst of creating a new, more articulate & educated review which I will post as soon as I have finished. I apologize that I took my time to review this company without taking the time to read further into a situation that I didn't understand quite that well.

I generally ALWAYS do my research before I purchase from ANYWHERE. My first impression was that it was just a form of drama, lack of business ethic & backed up orders. But as I've continued reading the posted link, I found it to be so much more than that. I am nearly speechless at the flat out ABSURD way this company is run. The lack of any tact is just inhumane & disgusting.

Be aware & BE SAFE!

[All products listed in this review were purchased by me & were not sent for consideration. This review is my honest opinion, for which I am not being paid for]


Chloe Sky said...

Honest review, i appreciate that. :D

Libby said...

I read all the extra info on GS cosmetics...*vomits* can't believe anyone would do that...