Monday, February 7, 2011

TKB Trading

I recently received an order I placed with TKB Trading & wanted to do a post

My order contained mostly sample baggies, which are way bigger than I expected. I purchased a few larger colours, a glitter stacker, matte base, microfined silk & sample jars.

 I have no intention to mix/repackage and sell anything I'm making, this is purely just for fun & to understand the process a little better. I also wanted to do this so I could gain more physical, direct knowledge

Let me tell has been SO much fun mixing & making my own colours. It felt like a science project of sorts & I just kept mixing to see what I'd get ;D I only had 25 sample jars to work with, thinking that would have been enough; it definitely wasn't!

Here are some swatches of what I came up with. I swatched everything dry over NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Milk. These were packed on & some smoothed over.

One of the colours I made used over LA Splash sealer vs NYX Milk eye pencil.

I made a ton of teals, as you can see. Teals/greens are my total weak spot & I was kind of foolish in that I did not write down what I used for anything! Oops, but as I said, I have no interested in selling anything. I've had a few people ask for samples of what I made, though it's something I would not be charging for. I'm very, very much so against companies who just dump colour from a baggie into a jar. I mixed everything I swatched & also included a matte base or the silk filler. I used the shaking method because I don't have a grinder. I'm heading to the store for a small coffee grinder soon, because that's how you can truly blend your colours. I also used a colour wheel for reference when making these colours, because mixing these could be tricky, especially if something came out too dark.

This was just my first round. I still have a TON or product left & am placing another order soon for more yellows, pinks, blues & purples. Another reason I wanted to do this was to make my own colours for my own use. I have been searching for specific colours that I've found are easier to make myself instead of hunting it down through various makeup companies. This way, I can create & play with what I have in mind until I mix just what I want. It's a lot of fun, very messy, but fun!

I also did two looks using these. I had to put them to the test!

Staying power was all right, by no means professional grade. I think had I ground these, perhaps they would have come out better. Either way, it was a lot of fun to mix & swatch, adding colour, glitter, sparkle until I got just the colour I wanted. I can't wait to get some more & keep going :D


Mai said...

Haha aww I saw that teal color (4th down in the bottom row) and was hoping to read that you had written down recipes for the colors!

Arezu said...

I've always wanted to place an order with TKB but never really got around to it - mostly I wanted to pick out bright colours that may not get a lot of use out of, and I love that they have almost anything you're looking for!

I love how you mixed and matched and made your own colours, now you won't have to "settle for less" and worry about doing a look with a colour you wouldn't think would be exact. (If that makes sense? lol)

Both the looks you created are stunning, but I *really* like the second one!

Vandaleyez Makeup said...

Love the first look! I am a sucker for greens!


R. said...

Oh wow, I love both of the looks your created! I can't pick which one I like best!


Reen said...

Mixing these was a total blast. I think anyone who is contemplating an order should definitely do so! Even if you just get a couple sample baggies & a base/filler. The jars are probably what cost me the most, but I'm sure other websites sell these in bulk as well.

I have another order coming in soon. & Once I have my tax return, I'm placing another one. I have zero intentions to sell what I make, but have had a couple friends ask me to make some pretty makeups for them ;) It's nice to have control over what you use! A great way to get creative!