Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sooo close to the first giveaway! +3 EOTDS!

My first giveaway is going to be happening VERY soon /points left ;D!! I am so excited! Thank you so much to everyone for supporting this blog & spreading the word. It is greatly, greatly appreciated!

I have a ton of swatches & reviews to post, but I decided that instead of doing that so much, I'd actually show you those products put to work! :D

I did two of these just now, so no face shots because that would just look awful funny. I'll list everything & my application technique as well. I've finally created a YouTube account, though I will not have anything posted to it for a bit. I'm this > < close to buying a Canon Vixia camcorder & am still shopping my options before I settle! I'm also taking any requests you may have, which you can email to (subject: request) So send me ideas, products you may want to see used, anything!

Anyway, on to some looks. Enjoy :)!

This one is from about a week ago, so I don't remeber everything :( But I know for sure I used Fyrinnae Dressed To Kill & Madd Style Trashed. Lashes are Demi-Wispies.

 Had a really difficult time photographing this look. My camera kept focusing on my lashes, hahah. & The teal lid wasn't showing up the way it looked :( Can't wait for a better camera :P

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Hi-Def Cyan chromaline on entire lid
MUFE #18 pure pigment applied wet & reapplied dry on lid, pulled into the crease
Sugarpill Afterparty eyeshadow on crease
Madd Style Nirvana pigment on crease, pulled upward
Madd Style Sub-Zero pigment  to highlight & blended on crease, also applied to the inner tear duct
Ben Nye White eyeshadow applied under brow & also on inner tear duct
Urban Decay Electric 24/7 liner on lower lash line
Nirvana & Sub-Zero applied on top of liner
Too Faced Lava Gloss eyeliner on waterline
Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner in black on upper lash line

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Too Faced First Base eyeshadow base on lid
NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk under brow
Fyrinnae Sugar Skulls pigment on lid, applied wet
Fyrinnae Chaotic Evil pigment on crease
Fyrinnae Cheeky pigment above crease, blended in & pulled upward
Fyrinnae Marshmallow Puffs pigment to highlight
LA Splash Pink Delight glitter on lid, applied wet
L'Oreal HIP Violet Volt eyeliner on lower lash line
Fyrinnae Sennyo pigment on lower lash line
Cheeky & Marshmallow Puffs on inner tear duct

Hope you liked these! I'll have my review & swatches on Madd Style Cosmetics up tomorrow :D Plus some new Fyrinnae & nail polish swatches sometime after that!


Joice said...

WOW! I love all these looks! Was going to pick a favorite but I can't!

Reen said...

the pink one is making my eye itch so bad, but it's too pretty to take off right now ;D

i hate that the teal didn't photograph well. it's a super flat colour & my camera just wasn't focusing nicely on it. & greens...well...i'm just an absolute hussy for greens <3

Shanna said...

Holy smokes these are so gorgeous. Pretty sure these confirm my need to invest in some Fyrinnae, because, hot damn.

smoosh_kissxx said...

they're are stunning! x

vaneza said...

i love the blue one, amazing colors.

Libby said...

I love the green one! It's beautiful. Loving the matte teal...

Reen said...

fyrinnae is one of my faves & for sure worth investing in!

thank you everyone <3 i love my greens/teals...the blue i was a little iffy on, but sugarpill is rad & that shadow is just so gosh darn pretty :D

Katie said...

Those are all gorgeous! I've been meaning to go get some of that LA Splash glitter since you used it on that one purple look. It's too pretty to pass up!

And those lashes on the first one are so pretty.