Sunday, May 1, 2011

MAC Fashion Flower & FOTD

Hi! Sorry it's been so long since my last post, I've been so busy! I took another vacation this week & have been doing some much needed relaxing & spring cleaning :D I also went to the Coheed & Cambria concert in Royal Oak, MI with someone special & had a total blast. Things are good, just focusing on keeping them that way!

So, I went in to MAC yesterday to check out the new collection. Even though I have been sorely disappointed by their collections as of late, I actually ended up liking Fashion Flower a lot. It's very spring-y, though I feel it should've been released a little earlier. I only ended up with the beauty powders & Mlle lipstick because I bought way too much band merch the night before ;D! The collection has some re-promotes, but I still feel it's pretty solid.

 Alpha Girl Beauty Powder (Re-promote from Heatherette)

 Light Sunshine Beauty Powder

 Mlle lipstick (Re-promote from Femme Noir)

I skipped on the shadows because I already own Lucky Green & Aqua. I also have a zillion high-light shadows & pinky-red colours just look gross on me, hahah. I will say that the floral imprint is ugly to me & I can't wait for it to wear off (Though I'm still waiting for the Barbie imprint to wear off my items from that collection!) I might go back for a lip gelee or two...I love their formula & how they feel. The lip gelee's released with this collection do have a lot of glitter, but when paired with a lip brush, it definitely tones that down.

I also really wanted to give Ever Hip a try, but it seems like that's the hot-and-instantly-sold-out product from this collection. Growing Trend was too much like Viva Glam Gaga 2, except it seemed to be a little more sheer; I *might* get that one if there's anything left next week :P

The FOTD I'm posting today isn't really based off this collection, but rather for spring. I did use Lucky Green eyeshadow (I've been in love with it since Belle Azure) for this look, but decided to just keep it all green :P I, also, for the first time in a LONG time, used all MAC eyeshadows for a look!

I used;
Urban Decay Greed Primer Potion
MAC Ivy fluidline on entire lid
MAC Emerald Green pigment packed on lid
MAC Ego Mega Metal eyeshadow on crease
MAC Lucky Green eyeshadow on crease
MAC Creme Royale eyeshadow to highlight
MAC Gesso eyeshadow under brows
MAC Blacktrack fluidline

I don't remember the rest of the look because I did this a few days ago :(

I've also been busy working on my Sugarpill review & swatch post! It will go hand in hand for the next giveaway :D! Amy from Sugarpill was super awesome and sent me some goodies for the photos I did for her site & I'm using them as prizes for the giveaway! I will definitely have that posted this week, so stay tuned :D!

I hope you are all having an awesome weekend! I know I'll be spending tomorrow (&my last day of vacation) outside in the grass!


Cassykins said...

So pretty! Definitely very springtime. Makes me want to pull my greens back out (I only use green maybe once every 6 months)

Glitter N' Glam Makeup by Chrissy said...

WOW Thanks so much for the lipstick swatches!! The green look you did is FABULOUS! :D Following you!!!
~Chrissy :)

INA said...

I'm usually not into nudes, but the Mlle Lipstick looks gorgeous!!!

SILVIA said...

honey!!!really love your blog!!!
great =P

Anonymous said...

Its so pretty! I love your blog!

Reen said...

@Cassykins; Thank you! I love green, almost obsessively! :P

@Glitter N' Glam Makeup by Chrissy; Thanks!! I'm following you as well :D

@INA; I used to steer clear of nude was always pinks for me. But I find this to be sorta inbetween? A nude pink...I think it would suit a smokey eye perfectly!

@SILVIA & LeahPeah; Thank you both so much! I appreciate it <3