Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sugarpill Giveaway Winners!

Eeek! I'm a little behind on posting this, sorry! I've been sick with allergies/sinus infection, laaame! I also wanted to leave some extra time for everyone to enter due to the issue blogger was having for a few days.

First, so many thanks to those who entered. Your entries were all fabulous. It was great to see such fun, vibrant makeup. Especially when lately, all I rock is mascara...your looks were huge inspiration for me! It was so difficult to choose winners & I studied everyone's entries very closely. Great job to everyone, really <3.

Here are the two grand-prize winners for the giveaway!


I love the execution with this look; the shape, the blending. I thought this was incredibly bold & not something you would see everyday.

Vibrant eyes & vibrant lips most people tend to stay away from because of the "makeup rules"...I thought her look was a great way to break those silly rules & do what you want! Looove the hot pink lips mixed with an already super vibrant rainbow eye.

I also had an opportunity for those without digital cameras to submit a detailed text entry. I didn't receive anything & still want to giveaway the prize intended for that. So I chose a runner-up who's look was definitely out of the ordinary!


 What I love about this look, is that she exemplified exactly what it means to have fun with makeup!

I wanted to create a look specifically for this contest myself. But once I had time off, I became sick with a sinus infection. I try to stay far away from my makeup when I'm sick, so I went through one of my makeup albums & chose a look I did that I felt was a huge step for me. It was a look I decided to try & do on a total whim, as I had never done anything like it before!

Bold brows, cut crease, tons of glitter?!?! I always liked vibrant makeup, but before this look, had never tried anything remotely close to it. I've redone this style so many times now that I've taken that one chance & stepped over my boundaries. That's all it takes!

Another huge thank you to everyone! I loved all of your looks & wish I had an endless supply of makeup to send to everyone who entered. I will have LOTS more giveaways, including one that's sort of opposite of this one.

Erika, Dolly & Brandy, if you could please email me with your shipping info so I can package up & send your prizes out! [glammedupgeek@gmail.com]



Cassykins said...

Yay winners! Congrats guys =)
I've been in a mascara-only rut, too, so thank you for sharing some inspiration with us!

MoonMiistBabii said...

Yay!!! Thanks so much Reen!! <3

tiny_mama said...


feedkmayeorchids said...

Congrats ladies!

dD0lly_ said...

Thank you so much!
I'm super excited to try out Sugarpill!

The other looks were absolutely beautiful. I too have been in a mascara rut, hopefully this will shock me back to normal.


Anonymous said...

usually I'd be upset that I didn't win but since all the entries are so good and so inspiring Im really happy they won! Congrats girlies! =)

Libby said...

Erika's look is amazing!!


The purple glitter look has always been one of my favorites from you! I remember seeing it in eyeshadowsluts on LJ & was just completely floored by how gorgeous it was!