Thursday, May 19, 2011

Showcase : Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat

I'm sure you've all noticed that crackle polishes are the hot item right now. Though they have been around for a while, it seems the release of OPI's Black Shatter really gained a huge interest in them once again. Since then, nail polish companies have been releasing their versions of this to keep up with the craze.

While browsing Ulta the other day, I ran across the Sally Hansen version of the crackle polish, Crackle Overcoat. I'm not really a huge fan of SH, as I find their polishes turn my nails yellow & aren't really long lasting. I decided to pick these up anyways because I am definitely one of those who is loving the crackle phase ;)

These retailed for $6.99 each & the collection consists of 8 polishes.

I really like that they released coloured polishes, because black was getting a little boring. China Glaze released theirs with a pink, blue & grey, but I will admit that I am super happy having a red & gold crackle.

I swatched the white, silver & gold over a black polish while the others were over a white polish. I also added a clear top coat to help make the colours look less flat.

In review, these aren't too bad. The gold & silver were pretty weak, though, as they seem to have a lot of sheen/glitter to them; I was highly disappointed in those two. The red & pink are my favourites & I felt their consistency was the best. The black one isn't bad, either, but I will say I do prefer the other brands versions over this one.

When applying these, I felt it was easy to use too much. The brush is small compared to other brands & therefor I had to dip into the bottle for more product. Considering how you're supposed to apply crackle as quickly as possible, I found those extra seconds to be crucial to the way the pattern formed. In which case, with these, looks uneven.

I'll be doing another post soon with comparisons with other brands. Considering the OPI is $8.50, and these were $7, they're a decent alternative if you're looking to save a few bucks when purchasing more than one or two. The colour range also helps! I went back to Ulta today, though, and noticed they were all sold out. They're popping up at some drug stores (Walgreens, CVS) but we sold out of them within 2 days. I also know that Sally Hansen goes on sale at Walgreens for BOGO 50% off, so if you can find these during a sale, snatch 'em up!


VijiiS said...

I'm not usually a Sally Hansen fan, but some of the colors are really calling out to me!

Cassykins said...

I actually kind of like the gold. I have the OPI black and silvers and they're pretty awesome. I"m not sure I was all that impressed by the swatches I've seen of the CG ones (not that one can find then anywhere, anyway)

Eileen said...

I want these so bad!