Thursday, May 26, 2011

MAC Surf, Baby!

It's that time of year again, when MAC regurgitates last years summer collection with new names & different packaging. I honestly don't remember much about To The Beach (last years collection) other than Marine Life causing a total uproar & crying because I missed out. I went into MAC the day it launched & it was already gone. I only got a lip liner & eye liner from that collection, but found a Marine Life later on, yay! This year, they have a new hot piece of blush that I'm sure everyone will go nuts for; My Paradise. But I'll get into that a little later.

I'm sure that most of you are aware of how cynical I am towards MAC. I used to love their company & the products they dished out. Lately...their collections are total flops for me & it's rare for me to leave with more than 2 items from them. Surf, Baby is no exception to that. I thought for a summer collection, it lacked vibrancy & colour range. The shadows were so boring & the eyeliners seem to look just the same as last years (Blue Moon looks identical to Float On By!) I also didn't really get how red & brown lipglass were a summer thing...I would expect those in a fall collection. I eyed Naturally Eccentric for a few seconds, but remembered how much I hated it from it's first release. I hardly glanced at the bronzing products, as I heard the bronzing sticks took a huge price increase & MAC bronzing powder just never looks right on me. The pigment stacks looked nice, but they also looked chunky which is a definite 'no' for me. WAH WAH WAH. Le sigh. I was really looking for a collection like Belle Azure (OMFG<3) or Hook, Bait, Lure. Something more versatile...Surf, Baby is a weak attempt at a 'summer' collection & as per usual, MAC fails this one. Bummer.

So, while the majority of this collection did not tickle my fancy, a few items were deemed buy-able. I think the obvious one is My Paradise Cheek Powder.

With flash.

From what I've read online, this is expected to sell out incredibly fast. This is definitely an orangey-coral, unlike Marine Life which was a pinky-coral mixed with pink + the overspray. What I like about My Paradise, is that the gold on it is a flake, so it will last more than 1-2 applications unlike Marine Life. I ended up getting two of these babies, as I wanted to feel justified in missing out on Marine Life when it launched :P

I also picked up Girl On Board lipglass, as I am an absolute sucker for anything nude/neutral, especially the creamy, light shades. I really, really am digging this gloss & will for sure be using it all summer!

There is one product that I absolutely LOVE from this collection & that's Ocean Dip nail lacquer. I am really not a fan of MAC's polishes at all...they've always been super runny & streaky for me. But when I saw the swatches on Temptalia, I knew I had to get this one!

This was an eeeeeensy bit streaky, but two coats was all I needed. Loveloveloveeeee this shade! I think it would look super awesome with the silver shatter. I'm going to try it out later :D

Overall, with the exception of a few nice items, Surf, Baby is not that great for a summer collection. At least not for me, as I would have hoped for brighter options.


LETICIA said...

I can't remember the last time I bought something from one of their new collections, it has been months if not longer. :(

Reen said...

money well saved! i really didn't need anotherrrrrr lipglass. or coral blush. or anything, hahah. i'm tempted to just boycott MAC all together D:

dD0lly_ said...

I was just looking over my past online MAC orders and they have declined drastically over the past three years. Shame :[

Did you get my shipping email last week?

Reen said...

Yes'm I did! I waited to ship until I had everyone's contact info & one girlie was a little late in getting in touch with me. Should be there any day now!