Monday, May 9, 2011

Showcase : Urban Decay Rollergirl Palette

Browsing through Ulta the other day, I ran across the new Urban Decay Roller Girl palette. I picked it up on a whim along with the newly packaged Eden primer potion. I can honestly say that the palette was a total impulse purchase as I really don't wear neutrals at all & I've already got tons of pinks. But, I found myself leaving with it anyways & decided to give it a try.

 The palette retails for $32 & includes a sample of Crush lip junkie instead of the usual primer. I think the packaging is really cute, especially the inside of the palette & it's perfect for summer. The palette includes a mirror across the inside lid & has a magnetic closure. It is smaller than UD's other palettes which is really nice when traveling.

Two of the shadows in the palette are re-promotes (Darkhorse from Naked & Suspect from Book Of Shadows) and I'm fairly certain Woodstock & Verve are exclusive to this palette. You also get Whiskey 24/7 liner which isn't permanent, but was available in the first Naked palette.

One thing I noticed about the shadows is that (thankfully) they are not the traditional glitter bomb's UD generally puts in their palettes. I'm not sure if they reformulated their shadows, but these had little to no fall out & while a few were shiny, they weren't chunky.

Overall, I'm not ecstatic about this palette, but I don't necessarily dislike it either. Honestly, I would have preferred one-less neutral/brown shade & have a black shade instead. Not Oil Slick, though, because it's a tad too glittery for my liking. But I felt Darkhorse just wasn't dark enough when going from the transition of 'day look' to 'night look'. Verve is also a very shiny, reflective colour & when applied as a highlight, I thought it was way too frosty. Woodstock is a nice, soft but vibrant pink & is similar to MAC's Fuchsia pigment, but perhaps it's just a tad more pink. Suspect is probably my favourite of the shadows; it's a warm, almost coppery-brown shade that would look gorgeous when doing a warm-toned neutral look. Whiskey 24/7 liner is a nice shade, but per my preferences, I would've liked something darker. Crush lip junkie was a nice, sheer hot pink shade. I'm not really into the whole lip-plumping thing, but the effect was subtle & didn't hurt or sting my lips.

I would definitely suggest this palette to those who like/wear neutrals. Personally, I thought it was just a little boring for my taste. I think the colours are gorgeous, but I just don't wear neutrals too often. I did create a quick look using the palette & I did like it, but was yearning to use a darker shade in my crease for more depth. I did this in about 5 minutes & just used NYX Milk eye pencil as a base, no primer.

Since I used a poor base, blending out the crease was a bit of a hassle. And I broke down & used my typical matte white shadow under my brows because Verve was just so shiny.

Palette is available at Ulta, Sephora & for purchase. 
Retails $32.00 USD.


VijiiS said...

I love the look of this palette. So fun!

LDJ said...

I really like your blog!
And I love this palette, so pretty! The look you made is really pretty too.