Friday, May 6, 2011

Sugarpill Giveaway! Rules & Info --CLOSED!

 Today's the day & it's your chance to win some awesome goodies from Sugarpill Cosmetics! This giveaway is also a part of my 100-follower giveaway, so there are two grand prizes for this contest as well as a runner-up prize! Lots of makeup to be won here, ladies & gents!

Both grand prize winners will receive a brand new Sugarpill eyeshadow palette (Sweet Heart & Burning Heart to choose from) as well as a brand new pair of Sugarpill lashes

The rules/info;

Sugarpill Cosmetics is all about bold, bright makeup that stands out & makes a statement.

I want you to create your boldest, brightest look yet!

-You can either post your look in a comment on this entry, or create your own entry on your blog (make sure you send me the link!) You are also more than welcome to email me your entry ( - Subject: Sugarpill Giveaway Entry)

-EDITED TO ADD; It can be a look you've already done before! You don't have to create a look specifically for this contest!

-If you choose to email your entry, please remember to tell me who you are & leave me your username!

-Open worldwide! Anyone & everyone can enter!

-You DON'T have to use just Sugarpill cosmetics. If you don't own any, that's fine.

-You have to follow the blog in order to enter, so don't forget to do so before you submit your entry.

-This contest will be open for ONE week, so you have until Friday, May 13th to enter. Winners & their looks will be posted Saturday, May 14th.

Now, since I know not everyone has a digital camera, there is another way you can win some Sugarpill. If you are unable to photograph your look, then comment or send me an email ( - Subject: Sugarpill Giveaway Entry) with a thorough explanation as to what you would create. Be as detailed as possible! I will select a winner to receive their choice from one of four brand new Sugarpill Chroma Lust loose shadows!

Have fun, step out of your ordinary boundaries & be creative! I'll be doing a look as well & will post mine with the winners next Saturday!

Good Luck! <3


Arezu said...

Ooh, this sounds fun!

I just have a question, could it be a look that I've already done? Or a look specific for this giveaway?

MoonMiistBabii said...

Entry ;)
colors are so much more neon than they appear here. Unsafely Neon. I found out later that they werent safe.

Reen said...

@Arezu; Yes! It can be a look that you've already done, sorry I didn't clarify.

@MoonMiistBabii; Thank you, your look is awesome! Pssst, was it GS, by chance? I'm glad you didn't go blind! :P

ArubaMakeUp said...

Hello!!!! I want to join the give away so I mail you my look.
I have done 2 looks: 1 just for fun and the another one more wearable.
My follower nick is ArubaMakeUp and I'm from Spain.

Thank U very much!!!!

MoonMiistBabii said...

*cough* @Reen *coughs again and looks around* Sadly yes.... and thanks haha im glad too!!

Chocola said...

Here is my participance (is that the right word?^^):

Chocola :)

dD0lly_ said...
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dD0lly_ said...

I've been reading your blog religiously since I found you through my close LJ friend Corrine. Still working out all the kinks of my own blog, but I thought this contest idea was super fun and generous of you.

My name's Dolly, and here is my entry!

- Rainbow with a bright pink lip!

I'm looking foward to more of your entries and to making my own appearance on Blogspot. (you can find me on LJ for me! thedollyrot)


Anonymous said...

An older look I did since my husband took my camera and i have to work the rest of the week =(

Sasha222 said...

Are we only able to win one of the chromalusts if we give a detailed explanation instead of a picture? I have the pallets and would love a chromalusts (not that i'm confident I'd win what so ever) just wondering. Thanks for the contest. I am OBSESSED with sugarpill. Emailing my entries now!

Vero said...

Hi! I was wondering until when on Friday can I submit my entry? Thanks :)

Sophie said...

Here's my entry! It's super bright but also really wearable. I teamed it with a coral lip and blue hair to make it extra colourful ;)