Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Contest Results!

Hii! Sorry I didn't get to post this yesterday, I had some glitches either with my computer or with the website & I could not for the life of me make a new post D:

First, a huge thank you to those who participated! I have so many other giveaways/contests planned & really enjoyed doing this one! I carefully read through each entry, several times in fact. It was really, REALLY hard to choose a winner. I wish I had endless amounts of brushes & blushes to give to everyone because every entry was awesome :D
 is the winner of the giveaway! 

When you have a moment, please email me with your information so I can send out your prize! (glammedupgeek@gmail.com)

Thanks again to everyone who took part of this! I look forward to mannnny more giveaways!!




Oh my goodness! I am emailing you now. I am so overly excited about this!