Saturday, April 2, 2011

More Inglot, again ;D! LOTS of pictures

Right before I went on vacation, I placed an order for 30 more Inglot eyeshadows. Maybe it was the fact that I wasn't at home anxiously awaiting these, but I feel this order went much smoother than my last. I had nothing on backorder & my items were processed and shipped within a very timely manner. I think that they were slammed pretty hard when the online store opened & I really feel like they're getting back on track. My first order was a breeze, but my second was kind of a pain. I will say that every email response I received was more than polite & they fixed their errors quickly. 

I'm also super happy at how inexpensive this makeup is. I ordered 30 freedom shadows, a 20 pan palette & a 10 pan palette for $145 total. The palettes are discounted when you buy eyeshadows & I also got free regular shipping, which is always a plus. I'm placing another order soon once I figure out my monthly budget & am expanding into their pigments & gel liners.

Anyway, here's 30 more swatches :D Some are duplicates from previous posts because I ordered 3 shadows I already owned, oops. I typed out everything I own for future reference, since getting the shadows out of the pan can be a pain. I've figured out a way of doing it, but I almost split/broke an eyeshadow, so I'm going to keep toying around with them.

Photos are pretty huge so you can get better detail. All shadows were swatched over NYX Milk eyeshadow pencil!

 Obsessssssssed! I can't wait to try their pigments. I also read that not all of their eyeshadows are available in the freedom system, so I'm going to go through those & see if I'm missing anything good. Can't wait for more!

Happy weekend everyone! I'll hopefully get to posting some EOTD's later on :D


Leah said...

happened to stumble upon your blog and i love it! i'm a new inglot lover, and let me tell u, i fell pretty hard ;) i just did a swatch on my blog, check it out if you're interested. tho, i feel like you'll probably have all the colors i bought.

KeLLsTaR said...

Love your palettes! I have some of these colours, & thanks to your swatches - a few lemmings! Thanks for taking the time to show us! :-)

femputer said...

These look lovely, especially the sparkly greens!

Kathy said...

Although I've never done this/tried, because I don't own one of these palletes or any ingot eye shadows, but I seen in a review on them that you can easily take them out by using a strong magnet, just thought I'd share. ^^;

Arezu said...

Damn! I really need to try find a store near me.

I think the thing that sucks is that they don't have actual names, just numbers, and that's something that makes it hard to remember if you have or don't.

Reen said...

@Leah; following your blog, thanks! & the more swatches, the merrier :D

@Kathy; At first, I was using the magnet that's from the lid to get these out. It works pretty well, but there are always a few pans that don't want to come out. I broke a pair of thin tweezers in half & gently try to push the shadow out from the side of the well it's in. I still use a magnet to grab onto it, but I almost split two shadows & definitely wanna find a better alternative :D

@Arezu; I really hope they open a Chicago store. I was actually very surprised that they didn't have one here :( I also really dislike the number thing. And considering how hard it is to get these out, it can be difficult to identify what numbered shadow you're using. I have this odd way of remembering the names of everything I own, especially shadows. But these will definitely be more of a pain.

Thanks everyone for your comments<3!

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Shanna said...

Question (sorry if you answered this somewhere else) - do the colors with glitter keep the glitter when used on the eye? I've been looking up swatches to buy my second palette, and have been eyeing one of the blacks with glitter, but there's no point (to me) in buying it if it won't retain the glitter when actually using it.