Thursday, April 7, 2011

MAC Quite Cute; Quite boring, really.

Stopped by my local MAC counter to check out the new Quite Cute collection & what a snooze! Nothing to me really stood out. It's definitely a collection of pastel, spring-y colours that, in my opinion, are better suited for pre-teens who are adventuring into makeup. I had slight interest in the quad, but lost it all once I saw it in person. The lipsticks didn't interest me in the slightest, though I'm surprised I walked away with Saint impulse buy.

The blushes were pretty cute, though. But the colours in them just seemed odd. I picked up Sakura, which I actually like a lot. I eyed one of the other ones, but it was just too orange for my liking. I passed on the nail polishes, as I find MAC polishes to be way too runny. /sigh

So, here's my tiny little haul of Sakura mineralized blush & Saint Germain lipstick. I also picked up Pro Longwear foundation as I keep hearing it's really awesome for oily skin, can't wait to try it!

The first swatch is the blush outside the heart, then the heart & then both mixed. The last photo is in natural light.

The blush I am actually liking a lot. It's definitely cool toned & gives off a really nice colour when mixed. Considering it is a mineralized product, it really didn't come off as being too shiny like MAC mineralized products generally do :P Thank goodness...I already ignore my MSF's enough because they make me look like a glitterball. But this was quite nice. Was an eensy bit sheer (especially just the heart alone) but was build-able & soft. I would suggest a brush like the #187 for this, so you can mix the colours together nicely. I generally use the #168 for blush, but found I didn't achieve the true mixed colour when I used it.

Saint Germain is a repromote from Sugarsweet (I think it was a year or two ago?) I passed it up then & am wondering why I didn't do the same now :P It photographed purple-y on my lips, but it is definitely VERY pink. For my incredibly light skin tone, this lipstick is ALL wrong.

Overall, this collection is HIGHLY passable. Very, very boring. 

Oh well! More moniez for Inglot ;D


Libby said...

The blush looks so cute with the heart in it. It would be impossible for me not to pick it up.