Thursday, April 14, 2011

Showcase: Urban Decay 'The Dangerous Palette'

Taking a break from Inglot today :P I received my latest haul, but I'm all Inglot'd out & wanted to post other stuff here, too ;) So I decided to photograph & swatch my new UD palette; The Dangerous Palette!

I will admit, a huge reason I bought this palette was JUST for Virgin eyeshadow. Before this palette, this shadow was only available in the Naked palette & it would be silly to buy a whole 'nother one of those for just one shade. I really hope they make it a full sized shadow one day, as it's one of my favourite highlighting colours ever! I also purchased this palette so I could try the new Greed primer potion; I LOVE it! It's a pretty, sheer golden primer that is perfect for warm summer tones. The palette also came with Rockstar 24/7 liner (LOVE to use these as bases, they're waterproof, too!) which I would describe as a deepened, almost dirty plum colour.

I found the palette at Ulta as well as the other two. I might swing back in for the Feminine palette, but I'm not too sure. UD likes to regurgitate their shadows into all their palettes & after a while, they just become boring. While I really like this palette, you can easily find all these colours within other UD palettes. Either way, I am still a huge UD fan; I think their palettes are fun & easy to use. Their shadows tend to have a frosty, glittery finish which can be slightly unflattering, but still workable.

What's your favourite UD palette & why?


smoosh_kissxx said...

I only got my UD Naked Palette in Feb/March (after seriously months and months of searching) and Virgin too is my favourite shade, was gutted when I realised they didn't sell it in single pans!

Hopefully they'll bring it out before I finish mine up

Awesome palette ye have there too


dull_flame said...

I have two palettes- Book of Shadows 2 and 3. I've taken the pans out to put them in a different palette now (two of those clunky things are just too much for traveling light) but I love the colors! You get a good variety with each, and I know the glitter is a problem for some, but if you use a sticky base (like Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy) then it really kills the fallout.

Libby said...

oohh Mildew you are such a pretty colour <3

Shanna said...

I'm with Libby; Mildew looks awesome.

I actually don't own any UD palettes. =/ I reeeally need to start branching out more.

And I really need to start actually doing it, and not just saying it over and over.

Anonymous said...

The alice in wonderland palette just because I've found I can mix and match more of the colors in that palette than nay other palette from them I've ever had lol.

LETICIA said...

I have the AIW, NY palettes and all of their matte shadows, I went on a huge haul and bought every deluxe and matte shadow as well as all of their pigments. I love their stuff I ended up getting rid of the stuff I never used but held onto the palettes AIW is by far my all time favorite.

Arezu said...

I only have one palette from UD, and that's the Deluxe Shadow Box (I think that's what it's called). I like it, but I haven't used in a while.

But I definitely agree with you about mostly frosty finishes in their palettes. I like for there to be a mix of finishes but most, if not all, the shadows are either frosty or glittery.

Ina said...

i wish i could get urban decay palettes over here...this one looks so nice