Friday, April 15, 2011

Physicians Formula Happy Booster + Giveaway!

I've recently become completely hooked on those adorable Physicians Formula 'Happy Booster' blushes & powders. These are violet scented & are said to promote the feeling of happiness by mimicking the effect of endorphins. While, I'm not sure I've felt that effect, I know that I LOVE the way I look with these on. I own them all & love every single one of them. They apply so nicely either alone or over my bronzer & each one gives me an awesome, happy glow.

 Natural Blush

Rose Blush

Translucent Powder

Beige Powder

Light Bronzer Powder

Bronzer Powder

I got these all at Ulta & they always seem to have a hard time keeping them in stock. I finally got the Bronzer powder & Rose blush today after looking for about 2 weeks.

After looking over these cute little blushes, I thought to myself about their aspect of promoting happiness. Some of you may know that things for me as of late have been less than happy. I've had a lot going on over the last year & at the end of the day, I think all we want is to just be happy. I know that's what I want; to be happy & to be healthy. I've made lots of changes to my life just within the last few weeks alone & am truly on my way to finding my happiness. 

So, I come to you all with one question:
What makes YOU happy?!

Leave me your answer in the comments & you could win this!
A brand new Physicians Formula Happy Booster blush in Natural & ecotools Bamboo bronzer brush!

Your answer could be a simple sentence. Or you can leave me a story. You can also post your own entry with pictures & anything else you can think of! You have to subscribe to my blog in order to enter, though & I will choose a winner on Monday, April 15!

Here's what makes me happy :D

Video games! I'm sure this has been MORE than obvious! I've loved video games since I was in kindergarten. I remember playing Super Mario Bros. 3 on the original Nintendo with my family. Since then, I've been hooked! I find it as a way to relieve stress, take my mind off things & just enjoy an awesome little digital world.

Humour! Even if it's foul mouthed toilet humour cartoons, checking up on Strongbad emails or reading the comics in every Sunday paper; humour is something I NEED in my life to be happy. I laugh a LOT and can easily find humour in everything. A huge inspiration in my life is George Carlin. I've spent hours listening to his hilarious material & have probably never laughed so hard in my life.

Having red's such a confidence booster for me. I've been changing my hair colour for over 12 years now & have never felt better when I have red hair. Confidence definitely helps trigger my happiness & I also find comfort within as well.

This is Pookie. She is one of the great loves of my life. You may not know this, but I live on an 8 acre farm south of Chicago. Most people are surprised that farmland still exists in this area, but my Grandpa has a small poultry farm that has always come well equipped with kitties! We have quite a few cats right now & when new babies are born, we socialize them & adopt them out. It can be kind of tough to see them go, because I spend as much time as I can with these little turkeys. But these little ones are amazing & you can always catch me outside being a huge dork with them :P

Nature! This plant here is right outside my front door. It's this amazingly beautiful & eye catching yellow shade that will only last during the spring. But I love it. My Grandpa has a total green thumb & during the spring/summer, my entire house and driveway is surrounded by plants & flowers. I love spending as much time outside as possible & have always had a liking for photographing the plant life around my house.

And of! I've always been intrigued by makeup since I was a kid. I practically lived inside my mom's cosmetics case & would constantly swipe her makeup & play. She taught me that red lipstick requires attitude. I tried to copy everything I saw & am sure I had some pretty atrocious moments! But it's been a learning adventure for me. I learned everything I know now by myself & it's something I am so proud of. Year after year, I feel I've made huge improvements and it makes me feel incredibly good about what I love doing. I was recently accepted to Makeup School Sydney & am beyond excited (&happy!) to get the ball rolling!

Of course, I have plenty more things that make me happy, but these are key to my life.

So, let's hear it! What makes you happy?!


Anonymous said...

my kitties Spawn and Gir named after my 2nd love comic books and cartoons =)
Kingdom hearts, cooking mama and my nintendo DS in general! and last but not least tattoos, makeup and my hubby of course =)

Anonymous said...

Writing makes me happy. As well as going to the karaoke bar smashed, and being able to sing a good song for once. Home decorating makes me happy, when I have a space that I can make over, and make it look really good. Shooting large guns makes me happy. Summertime, makes me happy since the weather is livable in MI. :D

theduchess77 said...

what makes me happy is my 2 girls. they are the first thing to come to my mind, but then there is my love for make up! also i am loving and so happy about my new job i have! ive actually been wanting to try this product so i hope i win :) thanks reen!

Selina said...

makeup makes me happy. i love being able to match my outfit, put different color combinations together, try new things and of course, shopping for new brands. it started off as a small hobby, but it's grown so much that it's a part of my every day life.

Melissa said...

My family makes me happy! My husband, lil boy and baby girl! That's it. Point blank. They are amazing and give me a reason to wake up every morning. When other family and friends seem to fail me, I can trust that my lil family will be there to make it all better. I'm not lucky, I'm blessed! :)

Lucia said...

Hi!!!! which really makes me happy is feeling pretty.. i mean, when i fell so non-stressed and relaxed.. sleep is the best thing :) makeup helps too :D i loooove to read blogs and see others happyness.. it make me happy too.. :) But OVER everything i know that you can only be happy (truly happy) if you have Jesus in you heart.

Jess said...

My dogs make me happy. I adopted three dogs and in total I have 6. I even work for a dog groomer so I can be around dogs all the time! There is nothing like coming home and seeing six dogs wagging their tails thrilled to see you; this can always put me in a good mood. These blushes look adorable!

Cassykins said...

- My dogs & ferrets
- My mom and brother (usually, lol)
- My boyfriend Matt (usually again, lol)
- Makeup
- Hello Kitty
- Purple things
- Watching CSI
- My friends (and to keep with the rest of the list, my bff just updating me on her latest MAC purchase)

Sandra Stout-Caldwell said...

What truly makes me happy (and inspires me as well,)is seeing people like yourself overcome life's bullsh*t hurdles, and live out your dreams!! Congratulations, Reen!

wendy said...

Alone time makes me happy.
So do nachos.
And this blog! :D

LETICIA said...

Happiness has been a bit of a struggle me over the past 12 years however I have grown to let my heart feel love and happiness over the past year and I'm in a journey full of appreciation towards the little things in life. Here are some of the things that make me smile!
My family I have been away from them for most of the past 12 years and I miss them terribly but I am grateful that they are there for me in any way they can, for their health and spirit.
My love Lucas, he has been there for me for the past 5 years and through ups and downs his brown eyes still melt me to the core.
My American way of life, freedom is the essence of happiness I don't take it for granted anymore.
My MAC friends even though I have never met any of you irl, you are my sister and have been there for me, it's crazy how close we have become I love you.
Makeup my one and only artistic outlet, I have learned to use it to boost my self esteem and to be more outgoing, a little bit of the right lip gloss goes a long way sometimes.
My pets/children, Whiskas the queen of the castle my oldie kitty, Tom my kitler and gentle giant, Paka the tiny princess, Cash the mama's boy and finally my baby Uno the one eyed pirate kitty wonder.

Thanks for this post Reen! Xo Lettie

pixiehottie666 said...

My husband and our new puppies!

Lexi said...

One thing that always made me happy was my Cat George. I loved him very much, but sadly, he recently passed away. Thinking about all the wonder times I had with him always make me happy. He was a huge part of my life, childhood, and helped me to grow up. To some people this may be weird or creepy, but I keep his ashes in a necklace that I wear every day and have never taken off.

Another thing that always make me happy is makeup. Experimenting with new looks and new makeup is always so fun. I always feel confident when I am rocking one of my bright makeup looks.


Rescueing animals makes me happy. I love all animals, furry or non - but I do have a very special place in my heart for bunnies. I live on a farm outside of Chicago as well(only on 5 acres though!) and my home is also home to sixteen rejected shelter bunnies and six cats that were raised from kittens that I brought home from Ohio because they weren't wanted. I also have many other animals but those are the most recent adoptees. (:

Sewing! I've been sewing since I was ten years old and have never stopped since. It's like an addiction of the clean sort that keeps me sane and helps me get away from the world for a little while. Sewing makes me feel empowered to create something out of absolutely nothing and be able to wear that garnment and feel amazing in it! I also love to dress other women. I think it's a great feeling to see other people happily draped inside of something you made.

Makeup and hair styling! I think taking good care of yourself shouldn't be seen as vain. It should be seen as something positive! It's all too often outsiders will think you primp too much, but I disagree. Taking care of yourself and wanting to look your best does wonders for your self esteem and it keeps you looking for new ideas to come up with to challenge yourself to new looks everyday! I love putting on a different eye everyday and feeling transformed into something I had imagined. <3

Kim :) aka Roxy said...

What makes me happy? The simple things in life... It doesn't matter if you're rich, poor, fat, skinny, ugly, gorgeous... if you do something for me out of the kindness of your heart that is what makes me happy. When people go out of their way to help others. I know we lived in a fucked up world, where politics try and control us... so seeing people do nice things for others just makes my heart warm. I don't really care if I win Reen.. Just wanted to express how I felt. :) xoxoxox

feedkmayeorchids said...

My boston terrier Zombri is my pride and joy. When I come home and open the door she's always right there ready to greet me. Watching old Disney movies and cartoons like The Simpsons and South Park. The combination of 'sweet childhood memories' and foul humor. Playing Left 4 Dead with my boyfriend while munching on the most disgusting combinations of food. Bath and Body Works Country Girl lotion. A hot Betsey Johnson purse. A new nail polish in the mail. That's what really makes me happy and content.

Sarah. said...

A lot of things make me really happy. I have a huge passion for makeup, I love my boyfriend, and my mom. My dog Marley is my child, and who could forget about my nintendo ds xl and super mario! :D

Kelly said...

Makeup, my Fiance and my little dog make me happy!

maika said...

-my kids
-my husband
-online shopping for makeup
-comic book movies
-anything with arnold schwartznegger
-lord of the rings
-fat, fluffy lazy cats
-movies based on stephen king novels/short stories
haha and so much more =)

murflegirl said...

I'm a bit late to the game, and I wanted to jump in on this happy post! A lot of the comments made me smile. And then thinking about what made ME happy was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be! Sounds like it's time to simplify a bit and get back to basics!

What makes Vickie happy?
BOOKS. I'm a total reading fiend. I have shelves and shelves and boxes and totes full of books, and I love them all so much no matter how many times I've read them. In 2010 I purchased a Kindle for myself--and it was the best purchase I made all year. I love being able to carry hundreds of books with me in one tiny device. Reading makes me happy because you can just get lost in whatever world or story you're reading, and forget about your cares for awhile.

MUSIC. It's my boyfriend--I always have some sort of music going in the background. It speaks the words I want to say when I can't speak. There's music for happiness, sadness, and more. I just love how expressive it is.

FAMILY. They always can put a smile on my face even when I'm down in the dumps. In 2010 I got fired for the first time in my life. I took it REALLY hard because it was my "career" job--the one I had worked 5 years and gotten two degrees for. Going home to my family helped heal me. They made me feel better and helped me realize that everything's not lost.

clothesmusicdiva said...

My kitties, family, MUSIC, sewing, and books make me happy!!

Ina said...

my sister is the one thing that always makes me happy! we're like best friends and i love her. she can always put a smile on my face. we have our fights and arguement, but i think that's what happiness is about too. that it's real and not something artificial, something that is dependable

Reen said...

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! Thank you everyone for your replies! I wasn't able to check them all earlier today but will read over everything & pick a winner very shortly!!

Kat said...

I have two dogs and a boyfriend LOL they make me really happy :)

katch05 at gmail dot com