Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Latest Inglot haul ;D Pics + swatches!

I know, I know...I am flat out obsessed with Inglot Cosmetics. I received my recent haul today & purchased some of the other items they offer. Don't get me wrong, the Freedom system is amazing, so affordable & really nice for those who like to custom order their palettes. I just wanted to try some of their other products to see if they're worth branching out for.

First, their lipstick. I only purchased one shade because I wanted to see just how accurate their online swatches are. I purchased #414, a matte lipstick that looked like a soft baby pink on the website. While the lipstick is pretty matte (I would compare it to a MAC satin lipstick) the colour was just awful. In the tube it looks pretty nice, but on my lips....YUUUUCK. It came out as a powdery-white lilac that was not flattering on me in the least. It was pretty difficult to photograph it on my lips, so I will try again when I'm able to take pictures in natural light. I do want to try their cream lipsticks, though, in hopes that I won't be so disappointed.

Next up, their pigments. These are listed on their website as AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadow, AMC standing for 'Advanced Makeup Components' which I am still researching further into. These are 2 g/0.07 ounces for $14.00 USD. Old MAC pigments are 7.5 g/.26 ounces & new MAC pigments are 4.5g/0.15 ounces...so when you calculate it out, Inglots pigments are rather pricey.

MMMMM. These are so fluffy! Hahah, fluffy, easy to apply & SO vibrant! These are each two swipes of pigment over NYX Milk eye pencil. That blue...wow. I'm working on Inglot dupes next & I'm pretty sure if you've been searching for MAC RebelRock Blue, you've found your match!

I also purchased some eyeshadows that aren't available in the Freedom system. These were $12 USD a piece & are 2.5 g/ 0.09 ounces. MAC regular eyeshadows are 1.5 g/0.05 ounces, MAC mineralized eyeshadows are 2.2 g/0.07 ounces & the MAC Mega Metal eyeshadows are 3.4 g/0.11 ounces. Inglot's full sized eyeshadow are an awesome deal when you calculate out the difference. I've noticed on the website, though, that not all the Freedom colours are listed as full eyeshadows. I sifted through the full sized shadows & chose a few that aren't available through the Freedom system.

I also ordered a full AMC eyeshadow without realizing I already owned it :P Woops! Eyeshadow is #59, I didn't swatch it because I already have before.

& Of course, I ordered more Freedom shadows as well as a 5 pan. :D

We all know I love these by now, no review necessary, hahah!

I hope you enjoyed this post, it took forever to photograph! I've got one more haul on it's way to me (eyeliners & of course, more Freedom goodies) and after that I will get started on a duplicates post! I'm going to go through ALL my makeup & compare as much as I can.

I'll also be doing a giveaway this Friday, so be sure to check out my blog for that! :D

K, passing out now ;D!


sparkle-and-grey said...

I hadn't heard of Inglot before I started reading your blog, I think I feel an order coming on because that lipstick is gorgeous! And the eyeshadows are so pigmented, beautiful.
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Libby said...

great haul. too bad about the lippy though.

Liz said...

I recently discovered this store in my local mall about 15 minutes away and I love it! Have you tried their holographic lipglosses they look so pretty in the sun and smell like peaches!!


EllD said...

Thanks for all the great pics. On another blog somebody said you can get Inglot here (I'm also in Chicago) in a Polish neighborhood. I'm dying to know which one because I feel like I would clean them out! I have got to get some of this before the price increase.