Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The look I'm sharing with you today is one that I've recently fallen in love with. I was partially inspired by Alaina Beaton/Porcelain Black/Porcelain & The Tramps to do the holy-smokes! liner & red lips for this. This look started out as my typical 'what I wear to work' look. I've been forcing myself to put all this makeup to good use & have been making sure I don't roll outta bed & show up to work :P After I got home, I was so happy that it all stayed in place, so I decided to vamp it up a bit :D I posted a couple pics to MUA as I typically do when I like a look I do & logged on to quite a few messages asking about it! I'm generally not a fan of winged liner, so it's very rare that I even do it. But I wanted to take it to the extreme (for my tastes, anyway) and just go with my gut! I was super pleased with the outcome & now I will stop talking and show you ;D

As someone who rarely does red lips on top of this type of liner, it felt good to step outside of my normal boundaries. I also re-contoured my entire face for the look as well, though it's more difficult to see because I rarely actually contour my face :P I'll explain more of that later.

After a couple pics with the red lips, I decided to change it up & try something a little softer...

Super rad Sora figurine FTW!!! XD

I think I prefer the softer lips better....probably because I am a hussy for pink/neutral lips & like I said, red is something I seldom do.

So here's what I did & what I used from the start!

First, I applied my foundation, but mixed it with a white face paint as well. After that was applied, I set it with Ben Nye White pressed shadow & rice powder. I essentially wanted to make my own features less apparent so I could re-contour my face. I used a dark Cover Girl powder to contour as well as a medium toned powder to soften the contours. I focused mainly on the hollows of the cheeks & the jawline, with some gentle contouring on the nose. For the first set of photos, I used Physicians Formula Light Bronze bronze booster on the apples of the cheeks. For the second set, I used the Physicians Formula Happy Booster blush in Rose (OMGLOVE<3) as well as an eeensy bit of Urban Decay Quickie blush. Lots on the eyes. MAC Paint pot in Painterly & NYX White eyshadow base. I used all Inglot eyeshadows & if you REAAALLLLY want to know which, then I will pop them out & list them. But I just created a basic neutral eye. An off-white, creamy eyeshadow for the lid. A soft brown on the crease. A light, golden brown above the crease. A matte, off-white shadow to highlight & a matte white right under the brows.

Then using the tip of a rounded, but flat brush, I built up the crease using a really dark brown eyeshadow. I did the same technique with a blackened brown eyeshadow on the outer crease, to add definition. The liner was pretty messy, I was surprised it photographed well :P But I used Revlon liquid liner & just kept building it up. I used the end of my brow as a guideline for the wing & just tried to imagine a line going from the end of my brow across my eye (it was tricky & the liner was kinda goopy!) I also used black shadow to set the liner. I kept the lower lash line free of shadow/liner so I could add more emphasis to the overall super-winged look ;D Lashes used are Demi-Wispies (favourite!) and I plopped on lots of mascara to help the lashes blend in.

The lips for the first set were Ben Nye Marilyn Red lipstick with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics NSFW lip tar, which stained the crap outta my lip brush. It's a little obvious that I attempted to over-line the edges of my lips & after a while, I thought it looked terrible so I wiped it all off. That's what I get for not using lip liner :P The second set of lips was MAC Viva Glam Gaga lipstick with MAC Zazoom lipglass, which is probably my favourite pink combination of all time. I felt this made everything look a lot better. They say the "rule" is to keep lips neutral when doing bold eyes, but F the rules! While I personally prefer the softer lips, the red ones were still fun!

All right! So there you have it XD I had sooo much fun doing this. And I felt pretty comfortable with it as well, despite it being out of my ordinary. I definitely want to work more on the liner...what are your favourite liquid liners? I really need a new one!


femputer said...

So hot! I love both ways. :)

dslrbbt said...

So awesome! I also love both ways. And this makes me excited because I have NSFW coming to me!


I love dark eyes with red lips, although it does take more confidence to go out in public with it! I think it looks really good dressed up or dressed down, clothes wise. I love it!

jinxmainstream said...

l.o.v.e both looks a lot! top is the shit though!

Eliza said...

i have the Kat Von D autograph eyeliner and i love it

Kathy said...

Love the look. :)
The top few pictures with the red lipstick instantly made me think of a prettier version of the girl from Titanic. :P