Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Showcase: Kryolan 18 Bold Colours Palette (V2)

I received this awesome Kryolan palette the day before my vacation, but didn't have time for pictures. Now that I'm back home (& taking a break from Final Fantasy Dissidia 012) I decided to finally get some swatches up! All swatches were patted & swiped over NYX eye pencil in Milk & as usual, the photos are huge!

Kryolan is theater makeup, which means you will get amazing payoff & vibrancy with their products. I am generally a total whore for Ben Nye (fave makeup brand of ALL time) but Kryolan impresses me & I own quite a bit. There are 3 palettes they released like this, the Bold Colours (V2), Soft Colours (V1) & Natural Colours (V3) and I for sure want them all! These eyeshadows weren't super creamy but weren't chalky either. The overall quality of them was fantastic. I looooove the second colour in from the middle row & I can't wait to put this palette to work :D I will say that the brush provided is a little flimsy & while I won't toss it or anything, I probably won't use it for anything key when doing makeup. The compact also has a full mirror which is always beneficial.

I purchased mine off eBay & paid $37.99 with shipping. I see that CameraReadyCosmetics offers these palettes as well, but they are almost always out of stock plus are MUCH more expensive ($49.99 + shipping!) I will probably resort to eBay for the others as well, as the person I got this palette from is an authorized Kryolan reseller. W00t!

I've got much more to post this week so I can catch up! I received a huge Inglot order of 30 new eyeshadows that I am SOOO freaking excited for. I'll have lots of new EOTD's to post as well!

& My vacation was a huge success. We gamed, ate pizza & lazed around. It was just what I needed to keep my sanity ;) I'm planning my next vacation for the end of April & we're going to see Coheed and Cambria (my favourite band ;D!) and probably game & eat more pizza again, hahah. But overall, I am feeling super rejuvenated and happy to have had some time off.

Now it's back to Dissidia! 8D


slave2beauty said...


Like insane wow...reen why did you have to post this. omg i need this - its beautiful!

Libby said...

Loving the sky blue colour...the 3rd in the middle...gorgeous. I used Kryolan makeup at school when I studied Beauty Therapy and I love love love it!

Shanna said...

Oh my god that's such a gorgeous looking palette D: I also love Ben Nye - I don't own a ton, just the Lumiere palette and a few other colors and some random items - and only 1 or 2 Kryolan products but have been seriously impressed with both brands. The only reason I don't own more Ben Nye is the lack of swatches available =/

Living Drea said...

wow! those shades look amazing.
i'm curious but are these cake eyeshadows, where you have to use water to apply them??
BEN NYE is one of my all time fave brands as well,and Inglot is up there as well.

Anonymous said...

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