Saturday, March 12, 2011

Inglot Cosmetics; Ingl-OMG! *PIC HEAVY*

I wasn't going to post today, because I did a bit yesterday, but FedEx just dropped off my Inglot Cosmetics package!!! AAAAAGHHHH!

5 of the colours I ordered are on back-order, so I am a little bummed. They offered to let me choose new colours or wait for the others & I really just wanted what I selected so I'm going to wait it out. They also said they would ship those 2nd day service to help make up for the wait. Before I get into photos/swatches/review, let me just say that their customer service is fabulous. Each e-mail I received was quick in response & very professional yet friendly. The only thing I was thrown off by was what seemed to be an invoicing error. When ordering on the website, my total came to $121 with shipping. Looking over the email confirmation, my order was $146?! I double checked my bank info & was charged $121, but still questioned it anyway. I didn't receive a direct response (as my question was a little vague) but they said I was charged the correct amount of $121.

I placed my order for a 20 Freedom Pan & 20 Freedom eyeshadows. The more you buy with Inglot, the more you save. I bought a little bit of everything with the eyeshadows, but purchased 3 or more of each type, so the pricing went down. I also received an 80% discount on the 20 pan, taking it from $25 to $20. I'm not exactly sure how/why/when this happened, but it still rules! I am already ready to order more!

Before I post the images, I want to do a small little review. A lot of people have been asking about the finishes the shadows come in & how they are, how they compare to other brands, etc. The only thing I can say, is that everything is AWESOME. Some of the shadows looked chalky in their pan, but I was so pleasantly surprised when I swatched them. Not one shade disappointed me. Some were more sheer, the mattes....heaven, but nothing was just "meh" or anything of the sort.

Matte; CREAMY, not chalky at all like you would expect matte eyeshadow to be like. These are workable, blendable, you name it.

AMC; Seems to be their basic shadow. Opaque, very vibrant. Soft finish.

AMC Shine; Sheer, yet buildable. Very awesome for blending/transitioning. Super soft.

Double Sparkle; Glittery look, but amazing application. These looked chalky in their pans but I was surprised to apply them & see how fantastic they looked. The glitter does apply, but it is not a disastrous mess.

Pearl; Soft, creamy & semi-opaque.

Anyways, onto the pics. These are massive, as I wanted to photograph them in great detail ;D

Bigger, cheaper & better than MAC ;D

I did take pictures of each shadow individually, but adding photos on this post has been a pain, as it will only let me add them one by one. Not sure why it's happening :( 

I also got two free pigment samples with my order :D

 I am astounded with this company. Amazing customer service, amazing products. My only, smallest, complaint is with the lid of the palette. It's held on by magnets, there is no latch or anything like that. For me, I try to be as gentle as possible with makeup because I'm known to be a clutz that drops opening taking the lid off is an eensy bit difficult for me. 

I'm already looking forward to placing my next order. I highly recommend everyone check them out. The Inglot website is a little messy IMO, but I think this company can reach amazing lengths with their astounding product.

I have only two words.....Goodbye MAC!


Joice said...

Oh, be still my heart! Awesome purchase, enjoy using them :D

Mai said...

I own Matte 348 and 379 and I absolutely love them. AMC and AMC Shine are supposed to be their more pigmented and higher quality shadows but I don't really see it; I think the Pearl finish is of much better quality.

Reen said...

their mattes are by far the best i have ever used. the AMC's were pretty nice, but i really liked the double sparkles a lot more. overall, everything was awesome.

i couldn't contain myself & just placed another order :S i got 10 more eyeshadows, 4 blushes (and pans for both) as well as some pigments. i definitely see myself replacing all my MAC with Inglot!

Arezu said...

I'm kind of bummed that Inglot is getting so big now! I remember there used to be a freestanding store in my local mall for a couple of months before it closed down. But of course, this was before I was into makeup.

They have some really beautiful colours. I can't wait to see these used in some looks (:

Mai said...

Oh and you MUST buy their gel liners. They blow MAC out of the water because of how much you get (5.5 grams) in addition to the pigmentation and amount of colors. There's a gorgeous teal shade that is to die for plus I've heard great things about the black gel liner.

Shanna said...

*is dead*

holy shit, these are so gorgeous. I really need to order some of these ASAP.

♠Rachel said...

Great colors, Jesus! Must give these babies a try!

KeLLsTaR said...

Excellent colours! Love it! What do you think of the 20 palette?