Thursday, March 10, 2011

MAC Jeanius & Sheen Supreme + NOTW

MAC Jeanius. Not so genius. Total fail, really. So much fail, it didn't even deserve it's own post, hahah. Here's my exceptionally tiny MAC haul from today. 

Docile lipglass & Pink Cult blush. How thrilling, right? stink! What happened to the innovative and awesome products you used to make? You had to settle for a line based on JEANS?! Those eyeshadows....uck. All the testers at MAC had the tiny button thing already worn off. I didn't even bother picking them up at all. Acid Wash lipstick looked interesting, but when would I ever wear that? The answer is never and if a client wanted a colour similar, I'd use concealer & Pink Opal pigment mixed with gloss :P YIKES, MAC, yikes...

I also picked up one of the new Sheen Supreme lipsticks, which unlike Jeanius, totally rule. They were out of two colours I wanted, so I only left with one :( BUT! These are permanent & are for sure worth checking out! I left with Supremely Confident & ohmannnn, it's PERFECT for me.

LOVE it! It's not the least bit orange at ALL. I wanted to like Myth lipstick soooo badly, but that orange cast it left on me was just disgusting. I am so stoked with this lipstick. I did a smokey eye today & paired it with this & I can not stop checking it out ;) The girlies at MAC told me they'd call when the other two I want come in, so I will post those once I get 'em!

I've had some major nail polish haulin' this week! I bought a TON of Zoya online, mostly on eBay for their cheap prices :P Yesterday I received that rad St. Patricks Day deal Zoya had (3 green polishes for $5 + shipping) and today I checked out some OPI & China Glaze. I walked into my Sally Beauty Supply at the right time to get the last 3 of CG's holographic collection. Right after I picked these up, someone came in after me looking for them. SCORE! I generally always miss out & was so happy to get these. So here's my nails for this week in celebration of St. Patty's Day :D

Zoya Envy with China Glaze Laser Lime! I recently had to cut my nails super short (I work with film processing chemicals all day) so I'm sorry that my nails are probably the worst looking ever :P

I think that's all I'll cram into this post! I'll be posting lotsa stuff within the next few hours!


Dainty Darling Digits said...

omg that lipstick- I NEED

Reen said...

i love it! i'm sure it looks ridiculous on me because i am so pale, but it is the best nude i own! and it's so creamy yet gently sheer. love<3!

Libby said...

i adore that lipstick!!