Sunday, March 13, 2011

Inglot FOTD :D

This whole not having red hair thing failed. Tonight, I went back ;D I love red hair and I've never felt so good about myself without it.

Tonight's look was based off of some chick from Glee. Hahah. She was at an awards show (sorry, I don't really keep up with celeb crap) and her makeup was AWESOME. I changed my brow shape a bit & thought this look would be perfect!

I didn't pull the outer wing out as far as she had hers, but I wanted this to suit my face better. Either way, I think this is my new going out look, I loooooove it! Here's what I used :D

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Inglot #348 (matte) eyeshadow on entire lid, winged outward towards end of brow
Inglot #37 (amc shine) eyeshadow on crease, winged outward & blended over #348
MAC Naked Lunch eyeshadow on crease, pulled upward
Inglot #351 (matte) eyeshadow to highlight
Sugarpill Tako eyeshadow under brows
#347 & #37 on lower lash line
Demi-Wispies lashes
MAC Blacktrack fluidline

MAC Well Dressed blush
Contour palette to highlight

MAC Style It Up lipstick

My backordered Inglot eyeshadows were shipped today! Hurrah! Should be here Monday, plus the other order I placed will be here Tuesday. I also ordered some Crown brushes from the HauteLook event & should be getting them pretty soon. I did a LOT of spring cleaning thru my vanity & pitched a ton of old brushes.

Quick question! How do you all store your pigment samples? I have about 300 of those tiny little jars & I am wondering your solution for storage? I need something new because I just have too much! Thanks <3!

Day off tomorrow. I am FORCING myself to complete the next installment of my video game series. I can't believe I let myself wait it out so long. I have everything planned out, just didn't sit myself down to do it! :)

Have a great weekend!


Arezu said...

This is such a beautiful look! It's so simple yet sultry.

Libby said...

Beautiful look. It's soft but so highlighting. I love your red hair!

S K said...

i'm 49 yrs old and do a wing almost that dramatic every day, i love it and it looks fab on you. i LOVE LOVE your red hair. LOVE it. Google Simone Simons and you'll be tempted to keep your red hair forever