Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some random stuff ;D

I decided, that since I own (& keep buying) so much freakin' nail polish, that I will force myself to change my nails every week. Thus, Nails of the Week is now in effect ;D Here's what I did for this week;

 Yes, my hands/nails are suuuuper tiny, hahah :D I used Zoya 'Barbie' with OPI 'Teenage Dream' on top!

I'm also still getting the hang of recording myself when I do makeup. My sister finished setting up the lighting for my room, which will help tremendously!

I did record a tutorial tonight (it won't be posted as I'm still practicing) and it was just a litttttle bit too orange/red. I might shop around with different light bulbs until I can get some that work perfectly. These lights are rad, but whilst recording, cast a LOT of orange on my face, which is just bleh, especially for a makeup tutorial.

 Up close shot came out well, but full face is a bit orange. Oh well, I'll figure it out eventually :P

For this look I used;
MAC Painterly paint pot
NYX White eyeshadow base
28 Neutral palette
Ben Nye White eyeshadow
MAC Black Track fluidline

MAC Brun eyeshadow on brows

Studio Gear Bisque matte foundation
MAC Light natural skinfinish
NARS Deep Throat blush
MAC Her Own Devices beauty powder
Contouring palette
Rice powder (most amazing stuff everrrrrrrr!)

MAC 1N lipstick
Smashbox Desire lipgloss!

I coloured my hair, too...though it's a tad difficult to tell. It's not as dark as I'd like, so I will be redoing it within the week. I looooooove red hair so much, but I need a break, hahah. I'll be red again soon, though, as it's necessary for my Halloween costume (more details on that later ;D)

Do any of you have your brows tattooed on? Or know somebody who does? I want to go through with it really bad, because I'm tired of doing them every day. I would love to hear your experience/info! Thanks <3

Anyway! Sorry the post isn't about much :P I just wanted to give a quick update on some smaller things for now. I've been swamped at work & personal life junk. I'm trying to plan a vacation & it's just not going my way :P I really wanted to get my review/swatches of Madd Style Cosmetics up today, but I am off tomorrow & will do my best to post it all then! <3


sparkle-and-grey said...

Pretty nails. Eep I'd be scared of brow tattoing, what if you get bored of the shape one day :s

vaneza said...

you look so natural and pretty with this look, i wish i could wear it as light as you, but most of the time i have to abuse of make up because of my eternal tired face and micro eyes.

I hope to see you soon on you tube girl!!! xoxo

Katie said...

That look is SO pretty! It's so simple and elegant looking.
And ugh, I feel you on the red hair. I've been dying my hair red for years and it's just so much work to maintain. I actually tried to dye it a lighter red color this week but since the color I've been dying it is so dark, by roots were the only things that took. Sooo looks like I might have to go get it stripped soon if I want it to be anything other than what it is now lol

Vandaleyez Makeup said...

Weeee!!! A pink Xbox controller!! What games do you play? My current games of choice now are Red Dead Redemption and Fallout: New Vegas - really looking forward to Dragon Age II though!!


Shanna said...

I know that 0misspumpkin on LJ (she posts over at mac_cosmetics - not as often as she used to, but she made a post earlier today) has her brows tattooed. She did, at one point, have a post on Specktra about it, but either she isn't a user there anymore, or has a different username, because I can't find her there >:|

Shanna said...

Ah of course, as soon as I comment I find the post I was thinking of:

Libby said...

ohhh I love marilyn monroe!
I love your red hair. I used to get mine dyed by a hairdresser but red pigment just washes out of my hair :(
I love this natural look, it's beautiful, it really brings out the gorgeous colour of your eyes.
What is this contouring palette you speak of? I must know more.

I totally love my new eyeshadows!!

Sara.H said...

you look beautiful and love the look :)

New follower here and I have to say that you have a great blog :) Do check out my blog too sometime :)