Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Inglot & LOTS of pics!

Hurrah! Earlier today, I received my second Inglot order as well as my back ordered items. Finally! I was so happy to see the FedEx dude pull up my driveway & as soon as I got my goodies, I ran inside to check it all out.

I'll tell you that the feeling of being bummed for waiting so long definitely ceased once I opened my packages up. There was a minor mistake with one of the palettes I ordered (I selected a 4 blush pan & received a 4 eye pan) but I did get a free nail polish to make up for the delay with my back ordered items. I hope they send me a blush pan, because I have nowhere to store those pretties.

Overall, I am really, really loving this makeup! The shadows are superb in their quality, vibrancy & payoff. I've been seriously considering selling off all my MAC & replacing it with Inglot. Haha, we'll see!

Anyways, on to the pics. I left them pretty large so you could see the detail better.

The blushes are SUPER sparkly & do have a lot of fall out, especially when you swipe your brush over the pan. I used #37 today & loved it a lot, though. The glitter didn't transfer to my face much, thankfully. I'm not a huge blush person, but I might check out some of their others eventually.

Sorry this is sooo sloppy! I rushed applying it just so I could take pics :P I promise, my nails are definitely cleaned up now ;) This is the free polish they sent me, #940. I'm liking this colour a lot, though, upon first application it was quite streaky. But a second coat brought up the opacity & I left it at that. I'm a nail polish fiend & will for sure check these out, too!

Ooooooo, I am a sucker for greens, if you couldn't tell by now! I really wanted to get some of these pics in natural daylight, but I ran out of time earlier. Either way, they rule & are worth every penny :D

So, since I am a total makeup psycho, I went ahead and ordered 30 more shadows :X The best part, was that it only cost $145 (Free shipping, 20 palette for $5 & 10 palette for $5) which to me, is a seriously good deal! I did want to get some of their pigments, but am working out some details with a few other girlies to split the jars. I think my next order will be everything BUT freedom eyeshadows :P

So happy with these products. My only complaint of sorts, is that it is difficult to get the shadows out of the palette. I've been using the magnets on the lid, running it over the edges of the pan & lifting the shadow out to remove them. Kind of a pain, but at least they're not stuck forever, hahah.

Hope this was helpful & maybe even convincing ;D I did two looks tonight that I will hopefully post before my vacations starts on Thursday!


sparkle-and-grey said...

Gorgeous swatches, never bought anything from Inglot but I have a few ideas after reading your post!

BlushingNoir said...

those are really cool! I'm loving blush 35!

slave2beauty said...

Those eyeshadow look so amazing and intense! I can't wait to order some <3