Friday, March 18, 2011

NOTW + couple things

Actually, these are my nails from a couple days ago XD I changed them to green for St. Patricks Day, & will change them again tomorrow. But, I finally got my hands (derp!) on some of that highly coveted crackle polish! I found these on a couple sales online & was so happy to finally try them out! I had actually ordered a crackle polish on eBay, but it never showed up & F if that OPI one will ever come back into stock. So I got the China Glaze versions, which I'm totally okay with, because I prefer China Glaze to OPI anyways :D

China Glaze Mega Bite & China Glaze Black Mesh crackle!

Has anyone NOT received their Inglot Cosmetics order? I am just...kinda pissed right now, hahah. I placed my first order & was happy that it was processed & shipped so fast. I was little bum that some items were on backorder, but I was happy to wait. Well, thinking that since I had such a rad first experience, I placed a second order sooner than I told myself I would. This was on the 12th, almost a week ago & still, nothing :( 

I'm sure they got smashed with tons of orders when they opened their US website, but in my opinion, they should have been prepared. Backorders are one thing, but when I pay for 2nd day service, I expect the company to process my order quickly, so that spending $16 in a service is justified.

So, I have no new order, no back ordered items. I was emailed on the 12th, saying my back ordered items were being shipped....which is what made me want to place a second order, in which I did. I was told those back ordered items would also be shipped out 2nd day, but it's been longer than that & I'm just getting super frustrated. I love this company already & I think their products are really, really great. LE SIGH. Maybe it's because their products are awesome that I am just so anxious to get my stuff. Plus, I spent a lot of money there & am just sorta stingy about buying things that I don't have. Meh, I guess I need to relax :P

I'm going on a verrrrrrry much needed vacation next week! It will just be for a few days, but I need a break so bad! There has been a lot happening in my personal life that at times is just so overwhelming. I can't wait to just relax & play video games with a very special loved one for the weekend :D I'll try to get a couple FOTD's up before then!

I also bring you some early news of moving! I have decided to pack up & head for AUSTRALIA!!! :D :D :D I am f'ing thrilled, to say the least! I've been deciding between Southern France & Australia for quite some time now & Sydney is where it's at :P I'm going to try & be settled in by early next year and I could not be any more excited :D!!!

And, saving the best for last...I've got a huge project I've been working on for the last week; Amy from Sugarpill Cosmetics has asked me to do eye swatches for her website! I am so happy, honoured & flattered that she asked me to help out! She sent me a couple goodies that I will be adding to my giveaway selection! Can't wait to see the final product up on her site, I'm so excited!!! :D

Anyways! That's all I have for today! Like I said, I'll try to get some new looks up before vacation time! Have a great weekend everyone!


Arezu said...

I love the NOTW, I haven't gotten any of the crackle polishes, and I think I'm out of luck because they're probably sold out in my area :/

Sorry to hear about your Inglot order, have you tried contacting them? I agree, if you paid for 2 day shipping you should get it.

Wow, Australia sounds exciting! What made you want to move there?

And I can't wait to see your swatches on the Sugarpill website, that sounds really exciting. Congrats!

Libby said...

Why Sydney when Melbourne is soooo much better lol.
I prefer China Glaze too but couldn't get my hands on the crackle one only on OPI black shatter.
Sucks about Inglot, especially since they just opened online ordering...disappointing.