Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Inglot Cosmetics!

Giving you all a heads up & letting you know Inglot Cosmetics US website has launched!

I placed my order last night for a 20 freedom palette & can't wait to get these in! Everyone's been raving about Inglot & I've been dyyyyying for a US website :D Perfect timing, I've felt incredibly crappy this week. 

 Here's what I picked up:

20 pan (I only paid $5 for this! They took off $20 somewhere along the line, how rad!)

AMC Eye Shadow; 74, 70, 68, 64

Double Sparkle Eye Shadow; 474, 473, 494

Matte Eye Shadow; 384, 348, 373, 379, 382, 351

Pearl Eye Shadow; 414, 447, 448

Shine Eye Shadow; 37, 45, 24, 29

Overall, with 2nd day shipping included (because I'm impatient) it was $121.00. Way better than MAC in terms of pricing, that's for sure! Plus, the more you buy, the cheaper the items are, which is seriously just insanely awesome. Of course I will have TONS of pictures & swatches once this hot piece comes in!

Anyways, just wanted to share the news :D I am beyond excited to get these new goodies. I'll try to get my ELF haul up later & still (I know, I stink) want to post my Madd Style Cosmetics review/swatches. I've been getting really sick & working a ton, but will have some spare time today! Sorry for the lack of an update, but I have loooots to share with you! <3


♠Rachel said...

Nice! I can't wait to see swatches, and photo's. Glad they finally got a online store going!