Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Madd Style Cosmetics: Review & Swatches!

Finally! I guess I'll start with the boring backstory of it all!

I'm pretty new to Etsy & was browsing makeup on there a few months back. Most of it looked like the same, repackaged TKB junk that anyone could easily do themselves. To be honest, I lost interest fast because it was the same crap over & over. Then a friend of mine on Facebook suggested me to the Madd Style Cosmetics fanpage. The first thing I do whenever I'm suggested to try new makeup is look through the fan photos section to see what can be done with their products. There was one photo in particular that just completely sold me. I knew I had to try this stuff. I've said it before & I'll say it again; I do not mind companies that repackage as long as they are unique with it. Dumping one colour into a qt jar doesn't cut it for me, but if you go through the process of mixing & grinding, adding a base/filler to make your product worth a shit, then I am totally okay with that.

So I headed on over to the Madd Style Etsy site & sorted through what I wanted to order. Her pigments come in 5g jars, no sifters & are pretty well packaged. Individually they are $5, but I chose one of the deal packages, 5 for $20. The owner of the shop is only able to ship once a week, which, if you're impatient like me, seems like forever. I placed my order on a Thursday, not knowing she ships just on Wednesday, so I will admit I was an eensy bit bummed out. But, in the meantime, she offered a sale of 3 for $10, so I placed a second order. Everything came on the same day which definitely justified waiting ;D Here's some swatches, all applied over NYX Milk jumbo eye pencil:

For the first time in a VERY long time, I absolutely LOOOOVE every single colour I ordered. I'm normally weird about trying new companies & test out every green/teal they have, which leads me to be awful disappointed when I find I don't like them...but these. I LOVE.

So, in review. These rock. Plain & simple, hahah! Of course, with just about every loose product, I suggest using it wet for maximum opacity & vibrancy. These aren't chalky at all, very very smoothed out. The colours stay true, though a similar coloured base would of course be ideal. Those who know me, know I HATE blue eyeshadow, but Sub-Zero is a friggin' must have! And Trashed? Oooooh, don't get me started on Trashed.

As you can tell, overall, I am diggin' this brand! She holds all sorts of awesome sales & updates the FB page about them; I can't wait to buy some more! I want them all, really! I would fo' sho' suggest these to those looking for a decently priced indie brand. A lot of these repackaging companies charge waaaayyy too much & it just sorta stinks thinking you could do this yourself for cheaper. But her pricing & shipping is fair & you can generally always catch a deal! I hear her lip balms are really awesome, too & I think with my next order I will try a few :D

Sorry this took FOR-EVAAAARRRR to get posted! I didn't mean to fall so behind, but I've been under the weather & working my bum off so I can buy pretty makeups to show you all :P I really want to have my new Fyrinnae swatches up, next as well as some haulin' hopefully tomorrow; my day off :D!


sparkle-and-grey said...

Sooo pretty, I love Final Fantasy-great colour and great name lol!

Reen said...

that's the main reason i bought it! it's very unique.. looks almost silver, but still very green.