Friday, March 11, 2011

Showcase: Urban Decay Naked Palette

It's BAAAAAACK! Since first launching the highly coveted Naked palette nearly a year ago, Urban Decay has had a hard time keeping it in stores & in stock. The rumour I heard was that the machine that made the double-sided pencil broke. Not sure if that's true, but UD has FINALLY. FINALLY put this awesome palette back on the shelf.  The palette now has a full sized eyeshadow brush instead of the liner, but unfortunately, went up $4 in price. Kind of a bummer, but $48 for 12 rad eyeshadows & a brush isn't that bad in my opinion.

I picked one of these up at Ulta today. I've been wanting to do a Showcase on it before, but didn't want to make anyone upset because of how hard it was to find one. Now that it's rolling back into stores, you should be able to get your hands on one of these hot babies. At the time I purchased this, Sephora was still out of stock & I'm not seeing an option to buy it on the UD website. I've had my other Naked palette since it launched & I will tell you that it is my most used palette. 

Before I get to pics & swatches, I want to share with you why I think it's worth the hype. First, the colour range. You can create the most simplistic neutral look, or a hot, dark smokey & everything inbetween with this palette. Your possibilities will seem endless, because there is so much to work & play around with. The second reason, is that UD seems to have caught on that having glittery cubes of eyeshadow in their palettes was just not cool. I own all their book of shadows & while I love the range, those shadows are SO frosty/glittery and overall, just do not impress me with how they finish. Naked is a totally different story. These shadows are creamy, easy to pull off the pan & even better to apply. While a couple shades do have the glitter in them, it is not an obscene & ridiculous amount. It is subtle & can match your look easily.

I'm also really digging the new brush that comes with it. I still have my double-sided liner & it's never been used. Partially because I already own about 10 Zero liners via other UD palettes, but the liner just never appealed to me. The brush? Totally different story. While I didn't use it to apply colours from the palette, I did use it to apply a different product wet & it worked brilliantly. It's soft yet firm & honestly, worth the $4 price hike (According to UD, it's a $16 brush!) I am so happy to finally have a backup of this palette as I've hit pan on a few shadows already! So if you're able to get one, then do it. You will love it. I don't even like neutral eyeshadows & I am obsessed with this palette ;D Now, onto some photos & swatches! Enjoy :)

Pics are pretty huge, so click to enlarge!




amber said...

I want!! I've been wanting this forever. They've had them in stock at an Ulta about an hour away from me, but it's too far for me to drive. I'm excited that these are finally coming back and I'm not sad about the brush at all. I can't wait to get my hands on this.

Arezu said...

Ehh, I don't know yet! My biggest concern is that since it's a palette with only 2(?) matte eyeshadows, I don't know if it would work well for me without having to reach outside of the palette for more matte colours.

But coming from a girl that does a lot of colourful looks, I'm slightly more interested! I'm surprised you've hit pan on some eyeshadows already, that must say something about this palette (:

smoosh_kissxx said...

I just bought it from House of Fraser (uk) i've been checking everyday for it to come back in stock for months! Got next day delivery so it should be here tomorrow, squeee i'm TOO excited. Looks awesome :D

Linsay xx

amber said...

I went to my local Sephora today to see if they had it, but unfortunately, they said they won't be getting any in until April 1st. Looks like I'll either have to wait or drive 30 mins to my nearest Ulta. =/

Shanna said...

I've been wearing tons of neutrals lately, and even though I have a MAC palette of just neutrals and one of all browns/golden browns, I really think I need this.

Reen said...

before i got the naked palette, i very rarely did neutrals. i would have rather gone without makeup than use neutrals. this palette seriously changed me. while i love doing bright & fun makeup, i feel i look best when i use this palette. for me, it was a huge confidence booster.

i think, sadly, UD really caused a ruckus with getting this palette in stores after it sold out. perhaps that turned a lot of people off, which is understandable. sales tactics in general never impress me. i also don't run out & buy backups of products i know i won't actually need a backup of. but with naked, i've hit pan on several shadows. i think it's worth the hype (NOT worth the wait, that took forever)

with all that said, this palette is what convinced me that neutrals are do-able, regardless of your preferred makeup style.